Black future - ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 6 #9: WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTIONS FOR 20 AND 200 YEARS?



Predicting the future is an exercise of imagination where realities, perspectives, fantasy and desires are mixed and end up becoming utopia.

Certainly Jules Verne was able to predict the trip to the moon and the place from where the rocket would be launched or Da Vinci gave life to devices that are now commonplace such as the helicopter, but in both cases they mixed knowledge with fiction.

The Internet was born 52 years ago, but only 30 years ago it became public as we know it today, in 1997 social networks were launched but did not become widespread until 2005, as you can see, times are short for technological and other advances, but that may not be a yardstick that determines the future.

The proof is that the coronavirus has defied and defeated science in the last year and that the advances of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Inca, Mayan or Aztec, to name but a few, disappeared without leaving a legacy.

Likewise the war or space explorations served for advances but could also be a vehicle for destruction, it is so true that most of the advances of the German scientists were frozen when they lost the war.

The future is indecipherable, an ancient Egyptian might have thought the world would be different from what it was, and I am still waiting for the flying cars that were supposed to be in the skies before the year 2000.

Personally, I believe that given the predatory character that man has demonstrated throughout history, in twenty years the world's problems will be worse, global warming will continue to advance, creating hotter areas and making heat waves in countries located in both tropics stronger and those of more intense cold.

In 200 years the world may not exist or people may be living in orbital stations, in the worst case scenario, or advances in genetic areas may have created modified human beings that can survive the new conditions.

I may seem fatalistic but the signs that humanity has been giving for 200 years is that it is marching towards the path of its destruction or other unnatural levels to how it evolved. It is heading towards dystopia.

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