Stress And Anxiety: How Does These Two Deadens Our Creative Senses?



For the past two weeks I've not managed to be my creative self and I find myself struggling hard to do the things I use to effortlessly do. Anxiety and stress are creative blocks that we we sometimes underate. Sometimes anxiety comes in our daily life endeavours. Not being able to particularly hit a target or please a nagging boss, facing inferiority complex, suffering from epileptic emotions of not knowing when your physical health my breakdown. Having issues with family, not being able to overseer one's responsibilities as a faithful spouse; mother or father to one's children. And one important cause of anxiety is having so many workload and not even understanding where to start from. The fear or fright of not being on time or failing when one is expected to succeed.

This actually intertwines with one's creative self. Creative people often find themselves not meeting deadlines because they are always slow to make decisions. Deadline is a sort of mental limitation, it is the inability for one to express, or have the time to come out very good or excellent in what one does. as a creative person I needed to understand that sometimes I have time to come up or put down into perfection the ideas I have inside of my head. Another thing is stress. Physical stress can bring fatigue and when we are physically fatigued weshuts us down, there's this inability to go beyond normalcy, we are not able to channel our ideas, tap in from the limitless reservoir upstairs, because no matter what you think or feel we have to be in the right physical state for our mental state to actually function properly.

It is not compulsory that everyone on earth must be able to function, do well, accomplish a task or perform under pressure. Some people find their physical environment as a psychological noise to them. The sound of an airplane, or the voice of many people bickering in the market, the shrieking sound of a toddler yelling at their loudest voices, the piercing eye contact of someone or even the uncomfortability of one's sitting or standing position. Irrespective of how we train our mind to work under pressure, to withstand torture, hunger or pain, to be creative and superlative in our thoughts and thinkings one needs to establish an equilibrium between their body soul and spirit and this is not just a basic necessity.

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It is true that when we push ourselves to the limit we are capable of accomplishing even things we do not believe but then to what end? One's best natural self can only be accomplished when they're at peace, unaffected by thoughts of becoming rich or becoming poor. The complexity of where our world is heading to is making it difficult for people to embrace their natural self, self-discovery is often very difficult if we do not even take time to understand ourselves, our limitations, the path we should take and what should necessitate our growth. In a much more simpler form we cannot achieve or actualize our best creative self when we are laden with different responsibilities that often takes us off individual growth that sometimes expand to spiritual discovery.

The world is becoming too fast and sometimes trying to move at a synonymous pace with it makes us less aware; we're tapped into trying to become achievers, scale this invisible ladder, conform to the norms of people who are expectant of us on all angles. In reality irrespective of the height we might reach in life, there are still exorbitant height that are expected of us by people who are neither considerate of our mental health nor complimentary of abilities to have come very far in life and no matter how successful we might feel we are, we're only beginners to people who are painstakingly insatiable. It is often understandable that we want to move with life but then this can deaden our ability to be creative, the anxiety and the stress can heighten a sense of numbness in us and creativity is innovation that moves us forward. Life will continue if we are not here and that's why our pace is something we should move with.

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