Observation vs Judgement: What Is the difference? (ecoTrain QOTW 13:)


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In life observation and judgement is oftentimes misplaced and this is because no one really understands the true intent of a person that's that makes a statement. In other words, the tone of a statement is what matters or determines the true intent of a statement and sometimes people are often too hasty in digressing the stance of a person. So one thing that differentiates an observation from a judgement is the tone through which it's said. This two words can be largely ambiguous despite it meaning two things entirely, however it's because of the meaning which we as humans synonymize to it. For example if I say fEMale nurse are MonStERS and it I say Female nurses are monsters

The two statements can be differentiated by the tone, while the first is a statement of statement of judgement, the second is a statement of reality which is accrued through experiences that resulted into observations.
Another thing that differentiates observations from judgement is sentiment. Naturally when a statement is meant to be logical sometimes the meaning can be associated to sentiments and as a result of this people begin to misunderstand the intent of a statement. Now you must understand that observations are based on pure facts while a statement of judgement in itself is totally based on sentiments. So we when we look at the these two and read the tone we el understand totally rather than misunderstanding people.

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The next is the history of a person making the statement for example let's use a hive person as a case study; @abh12345 is known for stating facts and stats on the blockchain, so if he makes a statement saying new users are the ones leaving the hive blockchain; his history gives him a pass and everyone will interpret this to be a statement of observation because he's a stats person and nothing less of this. However if a person who's not a stats person says this, it might be considered a sentimental input which might or might not be true. History plays a lot of role in determining or placing meaning to what an observation or a statement of judgement can be.

What is judgement to you and what is racism?

Truth is racism can be a statement of preference or profering a stance of inferiority or superiority of one thing over the other or vice versa while judgement is coming to a conclusion that something is what we deem it to be after a careful scrutinization. It's imperative to understand that while a racist can be a judgementalist a judgementalist might not be a racist. While we can say judgementalism and racism both arises from sentiment and a feeling of emotions, we'd do well to know that a racist is a 100% sentimentalist while this isn't entirely true with being a judgementalist.

Generally, it can be totally interwoven and takes a lot of patience to understand. While I've not physically met a racist, I've met a whole lot online and they can be brutal with their mindset. In reality it's imperative to know that we can't entirely get it all. However trying hard to not offend people is one of the reasons why I try to be generally explanative rather than opaque or bleak whenever I talk or relate with people. Sometimes we might be in a haste to talk to people and as a result of this we generally fail to pass communicate what we totally mean and this can make people term us what we're not or misunderstand us.

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