ecoTrain QOTW: What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?

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In life we as humans crave intimacy because it entails a physical and spiritual closeness between us, our friends, loved ones our families and even our immediate environment. I somehow feel intimacy resonates differently for different people however at the end of the day it all boils down to the same feeling of craving for nearness to things we deem valuable and relatable to us in a sentimental way. As for someone like me, this is what I define intimacy as. Truth is, there are times the world becomes boring and meaningless and it's the littlest of things we do with people we've become acquainted with that makes it lively, interesting and worth living for. A simple smile from your 2-years old, or a most memorable dinner date with your crush

These things are what constitutes the core meaning of intimacy to me, truth is intimacy expands beyond a sexual relationship or experience and to someone like me this is proven in the stance I stated above. In life we all need intimacy because as humans our core self yearns and craves for it because it completes and makes us whole. For a while now I've been single and even if it wouldn't really appreciate my life if I wasn't, I still feel like sometimes I miss going on dates, I miss cuddling, I miss hearing the voice of someone over the phone who cares about me, my life and my future. It's all about the most simplest things which carries deeper meaning to it and sometimes people think intimacy isn't necessary but then......

Do we need intimacy to be happy? Yes, we do. Why? Irrespective of our nature whether introverted or extroverted no one can cope without intimacy hence we need it to be happy. I'm not saying it's the only thing that can make a person to be happy. For example being wealthy can make a person happy to a particular extent but then such happiness derived from this isn't always forever. For example if one's rich and can find the right people to share this riches with then what's the essence? No matter how far we think we can go, we're built and naturally wired to crave intimacy and sometimes even more, deeper and much more precise. It generally gives us a different kind of happiness and fulfilment and sometimes it makes us feel belonged.

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How Do I fulfil My Intimacy Need?

First of all we can derive intimacy in different ways and while many people derives it majorly it from sex sometimes some other people get to derive it from the strangest of things. As for me I derive intimacy from being amidst my friends, laughing, drinking, bathing with them in the rain, telling bad jokes and reliving moments in the past when we were much younger. Truth is, I derive intimacy from this because I loathe being lonely, I'm a very humorous person and I love it when I have people who are close laughing at my jokes and all. It brings a special kind of feeling and sometimes one attains wholesomeness and that's basically the essence of intimacy. Sex of course does it for many other people but then it doesn't do it for me like many people says it does for them.

Covid-19 & The Need For Intimacy.....?

Generally covid-19 has brought a lot of things with it and it's making people miss or craving for the smallest form of intimacy is generally part of it. During the total lockdown I understood something and that's the fact that intimacy generally makes people happy in its own unique way. For example different people were caught In different town separated from the friends and family for more than 3 months and for me it was being totally seperated from my college friends who I have formed the most closest of bond. I don't know what if feels like to derive sexual intimacy and so does many other people too but then intimacy is far more and sometimes we even derive it from unexplainable things. In this pandemic period it's been generally difficult and I've tried not to go insane by generally deriving another form of intimacy by being with my immediate Family and of course it brings that form of Fulfilment to me.

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