ecoTRAIN QOTW S4.E7: What is Inner Strength? How do you find it?


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What is inner strength?

In everyday activities, we need the zeal, the hunger and the reason to wake up and actually conquer the different stages and challenges that comes with life. People however needs higher resolve when the circumstance or a situation seems cumbersome or too much to accept, bear and tackle and that's when inner strength comes in. So what's inner strength? Inner strength is that extra resolve or doggedness that's deeply underlined in us and allows us face more distressing issues than we'd face in regular life. Inner strength comes when it seems all hope is actually lost.

How Do You Find Inner Strength (My Experience)

For example a person will need inner strength to beat cancer, live through s terminal disease, fight depression, live through trying times and tell the stories of how they overcame. Truth is, inner strength comes when all hope is lost and irrespective of the fact that not everyone experiences it, it comes when there's a underlying reason as to why a person needs to stay afloat rather than sink. This reason might come from family, a loved one, who needs you to survive a difficult process and come back to them.

In my case, I've been on the brink of death before and on the brink of losing my sanity due to family problems. But my inner strength comes from the fact that I love life and I love freedom and I have hope. One thing that scares me the most is being deep down the rabbit hole where it's going to be difficult for me to crawl out, so the idea that I might totally capitulate beyond redemption is one of the reasons why I find the inner strength to persevere. I feel that one can only be saved when they're still beyond redemption and hope is Only functional when there's means for salvation.

Is Inner Strength Innate Or Not?

Inner strength is locked within our entity as humans but it's only unlocked by uncanny experiences. Truth is we often underated our Innate capabilities and one of them is that inner strength to beat the odds and actually persevere more than our peers might think. So yes, inner strength is innate but it's Only unlock when we go through some changing experience in life that threatens our survival.

In Conclusion

People however find their strength in different ways, this is because people are different, going through different experience, exposed to different kind of other people too and holding different believe, opinion and perception. In life what ticks a person might not tick another person, this is because we're all wired differently and find the motivation to activate the power of inner strength in a nutshell, inner strength is unbelievable, Irrespective of the fact that it's inbuilt most times people do not find the need to actually activate their inner strength because circumstances that requires it might not even happen. However, this is rare. **Look at the world currently, the pandemic has driven many Into depression.

Many cannot feel deprive of their social obligation, being lock out out interaction which is essential to the human existence. In truth. Inner strength helps people to get past their dark times by holding on to the good times they've experience in the past.

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