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Me in 2010 struggling with health issues in a toxic family setting


There's degradation, uncanny events and bizare happenings in the human society, as we keep making progress with science and technology so also are we tapping deeper into the delicate aspect of the human mind thereby challenging our mental wellness, our psychological abilities to be able to cope with our fellow human and our ever changing environment. In my case it was a physical and emotional trauma which I passed through as a result of having breakdown with my biological health conditions and being brought up in a toxic family with a father and mother who always fough and argued and beat themselves to stupor. I had a manipulative mother who would fight and quarrel with the neighbors and kept us indoors always because she felt our neighborhood was corrupted and we needn't keep any friends.

I had severe anemia when I was younger and always needed a blood transfusion to stay alive and whilst I needed the best parenthood and the best orientation towards having a positive mindset about my health conditions, I never did. I had parents that never prioritized the well being of their children while my brother is much more healthier, I suffered a kind of emotional breakdown, not wanting to association with kids of my own age because of the shame of how I looked, I couldn't answer questions in class because I was never vocally interactive with my parents and this made me recoil, I grew up as teenager is a hostile family, the worst kind of environment and I suffered verbal abuse often because of my timidity, how I look and how I often need to go to the hospital everytime for a blood transfusion.


For how bizarre I looked I was constantly body shamed

It's one thing to suffer emotional degradation due to health issues, how you tend to experience loneliness, lack of motivation to stay alive and always pulls away from interactive with one's immediate society and it's another thing to have the wrong kinds of parent to help one inculcate the survival instincts to go about life and live it's normalcy. In relative to mental health and wellness, I remember being affected thoroughly and all I could think of was to die. This experiences affected my mental health, I couldn't relate with anyone because I was afraid to be rejected, belittled or called names and my family alone was a warzone of parents with misplaced priorities and when I became 20 I had to move out to cater for myself and this was how I rid myself of my toxic family.


2015, I took steps to bonding with positive people

Steps I Took To Manage My Mental Health Issues

I was in total denial of my health challenges because it was something that numbed my social skills, how strong my emotional resolve was suppose to be like. It affected my life totally and because of my state poverty as well I began to live feeling I might die anytime soon, i didn't value the essence to things like marriage, family goals, social interaction or living life to the fullest. All these we're like impossibilities to me, untill I began to accept that I was ill and needed a reorientation. I left my parents to stay with my aunt who was a doctor, not physiology but a medical doctor. She knew and understood my health conditions and she educated me to showcase physical awareness of my conditions, she became the mother and father I never had. Staying with her she helped me with my health challenges and how to live and cope with it, starting from then I began to find the will to live. I had my first real friends and got a job too.


Being around people who loves and accept me (me far right)

I began to realise that the world is filled with ills and even the most healthiest of people are having mental breakdown even for the slightest of things. So my health conditions wasn't the problems it was the previous orientation i had with it that was the issue. Even till today I find it difficult to talk about marriage or envision even when I now boost of a more better mental health. My coping skills was knowing that people live with worse medical conditions and we all eventually die whether we're sick or not. Up until today I still get body shamed. People call me too slim or too thin but then I laugh it off. I learnt to stay around people who have the right kind of mentality. Positivity is another thing. It's important to realise that being positive helps to boost one's mental health. I was lucky to have a job that allowed me to interact with the best people.


Me in 2020, all vibe and living my best self. I overcame

How I'm Currently Experiencing Mental Wellness: The New Me

I also learnt to accept reality and find a way to see the light even in dark spectrums. Being sick isn't something that should define one's whole reality. And I was glad to come across the blockchain in 2017 and hence I channeled my creativity and time to doing something different and hence here i am today. I find it easier to cope with being around negative people because I had inculcated and built a strong mind and resolve. It's imperative to understand that being exposed and not being secluded, pitying oneself wouldn't would rather plunge a person into a deeper state of mental illness rather than finding the road to wellness. It's also individually important for a person to find out what works for them. People have unique coping skills. Mental health is something we should raise awareness for because everyday women and men and children are going through unknown mental illnesses because of challenges in their lives.

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