ecoTrain QOTW :JOIN US! "What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?


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The world is currently being ravaged by corona virus and everyone's confined to stay at home just to protect themselves. Truth is, when man is forced to a nature which is uncharacterised to them there's often a sort of change to their personality. Being on lockdown might be just a normal experience for some while for some others, it's more than an experience. I do believe that there's two ways through which this lockdown can affect people; can be positive or negatively. But do people realise they don't need to dwell on the negative aspects? Currently in my society a whole lot of people have taken to the vices of greed, increasing prices of goods and services to an almost unaffordable rate, many have taken to stealing and it seems like when the world's falling apart that's when her rule of morality begins to wane and disappear

As for me, the greedy actions of people and the criminal vices in the society have increased and many already feel it's the apocalypse and their rightful time to take advantage of any the current situation to become rich; The actions of these people already puts me in a difficult situations because even when people are in lockdown there's still others slithering out there to commit crime and enrich themselves from the properties of the public. The effect of the virus has been psychological depleting and that's I decided to share how I i overcome this cumbersome feeling by joining the ecotrain question of the week to share how I stay positive and balanced whilst in this period of lockdown.


The first thing I do is to stay positive about the future* now staying positive is mindset that's is cultivated by hope and faith and while many believe that the current virus ravaging the earth might not leave, staying positive that it will elapse it's stay is the right mindset. Now the right mindset doesn't just come by, I make sure I talk to my friends on families on phone and video calls; some might feel this is ordinary and holds no ground but talking to the people i love gives me courage, it's helps me stay off stats and numbers of infection and death increasing everyday. Right now there's no scientific solutions; so everyday I turn to my spiritual aspects to pray to God. Truth is, being Spiritual helps you maintain peace of mind there's a mental calmness that arrives from an extra-personal relationship with man and his creator. Humans however have a lot of way to maintain balance especially in a period where they have every cause to exhibit hopelessness, anxiety and fear and isolation might be to ensure safety but at the end i communicate, share meanings and feeling with God and the people I love the most and believe me nothing ever gives me a perfect state of balance More better.


In addition, boredom is an enemy itself and throughout these period of lockdown, I've discovered it can even take away one's sanity and in times like this i rely on reading as well as watching television series on Netflix or by DVD as well as taking pictures. so inasmuch as there needs to be a stability of the mind, I discovered there needs to be something that should occupy my 24 hours to actually keep me from going doing the rabbit hole of boredom and currently I've watched over 10 television series so far. Truth is i watch movies to derive escape and as for this period too, I watch movies to pass time and when I can't watch movies I take time to reading, Mostly I prefer novels and fiction and also check out famous works of writers on the internet and increase my knowledge. As for me I bear no doubt that the virus will soon be a thing of the past and even then the circumstances around doesn't seem to tally with this opinion or perception, it's often more better to look from a futuristic point of view, keep oneself busy with the things that might put smiles on our face irrespective of the increasing rate of infection and death.

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a Dtuber, 📷 Psychologist, Poet And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off steem can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

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