QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?


Hey yo hivers! It's me again and I'm back with a new post. By the way, how are you guys doing? I hope you are all doing well. For the past days I have been very productive in terms of drawing for my soon blog post which is also somehow related to my last art related post.

On the other hand, I am like a turtle in terms of my school projects compared in our first quarter of this semester. Then, surprisingly our Physiology and Anatomy professor gave us our midterm grades and fortunately I managed to pass.

Less with the school related talk. So, my last post to this wonderful community has been almost a month ago which is about WHAT'S IN OUR GARDEN?: Developing my Green Thumb during Quarantine.

For today's post, I am going to talk about the 9 positive things that this pandemic caused. Fasten your seat belts hivers and without a further ado, let's do this folks!


At the end of 2019, the fight against this invisible enemy has started and today it is still ongoing. Everyone is doing the best they can to contain or stop its spread, and we can't hide the fact that there are few people who are giving nuts to other people for such being a hard-headed. There are many negative things that this COVID pandemic resulted to but I think to maintain balance and to see the brighter side let's talk about the positive ones.


It was around the month of January when our university declared to stop our face to face classes and shifted to online classes to finish the second semester of my first year in college. Some businesses also stop their operation in line with the policy imposed by the government because of this a lot of people have spare time to spend including me.

At first, I was very happy because it's like an early summer vacation but then, as the passed by I feel sad of what's happening, about the fact that I can't go out, see other people and do the normal thing. And then, I decided to use my time wisely and start some new things to explore. I went back to blogging, draw more, uploaded my first YouTube's video and more.

It was a hell of a ride but I totally enjoyed it. Some days are productive but most of the days I just lay in the bed and surfing through the internet or have quality time with my family.


Our CO2 emission decreases. Water pollution lessens. Animals are reclaiming their space. These are just some heartwarming news we've seen during this saddening moment where in as the time ticks we know that someone out there has been infected.

It's amazing to think on how our planet recovers while the people, us were so tortured from the consequence and nature of the environment, from the virus which happens to come from animals. They are right. We are going to pay the consequences of our actions.


On the 27th day of August year 2020, I went back to blogging. You guys can check out my introductory post. . introductory post about it. A friend of mine who also invited me in Steemit sent me a message during midnight telling about Hive including the opportunities it can offer.

Then, I tried to give it a shot. I never thought that I could get that kind of response from other hivers on my introductory post and was able to generate a big amount. You guys might say that it's not that big but for me it is. If you have check my first post in my blog it only had a very small value adn few engagement.

Truth be told, when my friend told me about Hive I wasn't expecting anything because I don't have much of a luck on steemit and ulogs. Then, after I posted my introductory post, I was just shocked and full of questions. Why did they upvote my posts? Do they like it, for real? How would I respond to the comment section? Would a thank you be enough? Those kind of questions and some technical queries which until now remain unanswered. Above all, I am so happy that I was able to share a tiny fraction of my life here in Hive.

| New Life in Hive so Come and Say Hi!: An Introductory Post in Hive


Because I have a lot of spare time during this quarantine, I also tried filling my sketchbook and mess around with my art materials. I also posted some of it in my blog and if you want, then, you can check it out.


Personally, I really find digital arts very challenging because first, I don't know how to maneuver the software for the first time. Second, it is totally different to my normal way of drawing like grabbing a piece of paper and trying to add colors on it. And lastly, I just generally don't have any idea, how on Earth will I going to do it.

And then pandemic comes, I was able to watch more YouTube videos and scrolling in my social media. Then, I saw my two college classmates' Facebook stories about their digital painting and I was amazed. So, I ask them what softwares were they using-Medibang Paint Pro and Ibis Paint. After which, I decided to try Medibang Paint Pro and give it a shot of before trying Ibis Paint. I didn't have the chance to try Ibis paint because I am totally hook to the former.

From then on, I tried experimenting and the app never fails me. It was so easy to use and I was able to make numerous digital paintings. Personally, I am more into portraits because I find it mesmerizing and little weird as well to look at their face in general like you are looking the real person.
"Why I don't usually draw men?": DIGITAL ART USING MEDIBANG
"A lady with a dangling earrings": DIGITAL ART USING MEDIBANG
"DIGITAL ART:Another detailed portrait tutorial"


When the pandemic started, I vowed to myself that I will utilize the time and make the best out it. Then, reality hits me. During the first month of the lockdown, I was just being a couch a potato holding my phone while going through my social media and most of the time sharing memes.

Then, I always remind myself to try new things and make my vacant time worth it. So, I tried downloading e-books and began my journey in reading. I was succesful at first because I was able to read few books amidst with the fact that I have a very short reading retention and I can't keep up with the text for so long.

Why only at first? It's because of my college classes. I am still reading but it's more likely about school stuff. So, I decided to buy books, tangible ones because I don't want to stare at my phone for too long. I bought some classic romance novels and I hope that I can finish reading them all.

| QUARANBOOKS: Books I've Read During this Pandemic


Plantito or Plantita are terms which play on words of "plant" + "tito/tita" and used to describe people who are into gradening to find piece, find it as past time and being one has been a trend during this pandemic.

My previous post in this community is about "What's in our Garden?" where in I talked about our plants and how me and my youngest brother goof around in my mother's favorite place. Maybe, soon I will post again something plant-related.

| What's in our Garden?":


One thing that I really find enjoyable during this Covid-19 season is cooking. Frankly speaking, I immensely suck at cooking. If ever Mr. Gordon Ramsay will watch me do it then, I think he's going to summon a demon or tell me I am an "effin' donut".

On my 20th birthday, I managed to cook Filipino Style spaghetti on my own. Hurrah! Normally, my mother will cook it but for some health reason she can't make it and because she doesn't have any choice but to let me cook the spaghetti. I was really happy and sort of nervous about the thought that it may just end as a waste because my brothers might don't like it but surprisingly we are able to eat all of it.

I think that's it. I tried my best to make it 10 but I ran out of ideas. I hope it's fine.



Hello once again! Heads up hivers! Jenny Mauring here who lives in Mandaue, Cebu City Philippines, 20 years old. I am a self taught artist, if you consider me as one. I am the only daughter of my loving and little uptight parents. Plus, the one and only sister of my naughty, messy and nasty three brothers. I am a student in Cebu Normal University- Main Campus who wishes to complete the program of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Science, to cut it short, I want to be a teacher someday. I am a friend to some and strangers to many. I am a lady with light in her eyes, love in her bones and a sucker of artsy and creatives. Come and visit my blog @jmauring to check out my content. You can also connect with me through my Instagram account, that's @jmauring, Jenny Mauring in Facebook and YouTube Channel as well. Stay happy, healthy and crazy.

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