ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 6 #1: PRIORITIES


Hi @ecoTrain it's been awhile since I posted in this community. Exams week is fast approaching and there are things that needs to be done so my time was mostly consumed by it. For today's post, it would be about priorities, my priorities so without a further ado dive in and I'll show you.

Priority is something that comes first among others. It is important to establish priorities because you can sort out the things that needs to be done. It would also guide you on what to do first and keep you on tract. Personally, I have a trouble in prioritizing things in life because I jump task to task. It really depends if it catches my attention, interest and if it is just an easy task. More likely, I suck in keeping up with my long time priorities. I tend to quit doing it after a month and will find something else to do or just do nothing. Below are my following priorities:


As I've mention earlier, my exams week is fast approaching (this coming Monday) which means that it would be hell, or maybe not. Few of my professors decided in not giving written or performance-base midterm examination and opted to use our activity as the basis for our midterm grades. Party! Still, I will prioritize my academic online learning probably, put more effort in answering my activities, do better in this midterm examination compared to the last semester and stop procrastinating. The last part would be a bit challenging but I'll try, I'll try again.


The major thing that I like in blogging is I can create a content on my own without someone telling me what to do or not. It's the freedom for me. I can post something art related or publish a story or just about my life. No deadlines. No scores. No pressure. But of course if you join to a contest then you have to conform on their terms. But generally speaking, you are the one who can decide what to post or not. When I went back here after a long hiatus (2 years), I never thought that there will be people who will support me my introductory post. From then on, I told myself that I will continue doing this because there are people out here who are interested in my blog which is why I put this as one of my priorities.


If you have been reading few of my posts then by now you know that I have a very short retention and I do have a hard time in finishing my task, it includes reading. I just tend to skim or end up not finishing the whole book or article. Last year, I bought several books from my hive savings and until now I haven't finish all of those. When the year of 2021 started, I swore to finish all of it and probably read around 20 books by the end of this year.


Next prioritiy would be language learning. I really want to learn other language because at first I feel like it would be cool. But when I was still choosing which is which, I had to consider several factors and opted to learn Spanish. Spanish have some similarities to my national language since we were colonized by Spaniards for 333 years and highly influence us in terms of our culture, religion and even in language. Spanish as a language is also one of the most spoken language around the globe which makes it remarkable and interesting. I already watched several videos about Spanish basics but my progress is really slow. I only know how to greet, introduce myself and some common phrases in conversing someone. One of my difficulties is about conjugation, I am atrocious about it so I'll probably try to work it out.


It has been few months ago since the last time I draw so I guess it would be better to include it in my priorities. I'll work more into watercolors since I don't have much experience about it. I will also try my best to draw different subjects and not just limited to portraits. I'll also look over in to my past artbooks to he guided in what to do which includes about the materials needed, technique and other technicalities.

I think that's it. What is/are your priority/ies?



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