ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 6 #1: PRIORITIES || #HiveBday Giveaway


You may be familiar with the phrase, get your priorities straight, this makes me wonder what priority means to us. This being my first post on #ecoTrain community, I was drawn to the community by the question of this week which was among the first blogs I saw in my feed. I'm glad I finally subscribed and writing to this community. Certain priority doesn't change but at some point it feels as though there seems to be some changes but in reality there isn't.


My Priority

Family has been my top most priority all my life, when I said family, it's not restricted to my immediate family alone, I consider my friends as part of my family because of the bond we share and the ability to leAn on each other in times of need. This I got to learn through my time growing up, I spent more of my time growing up with friends. I'm mostly home during the holidays right from my high school days to my university days, it was an interesting experience that thought me the importance of making friends and trusting people.

Just as I prioritize family and friends, having financial stability is also one priority that may seem to come up the list of our scale of preference and it is also tied to meeting the demands of our loved ones and also our demands. I may not always write down my list of preference at all time but it's always in my memory which guilds and affect every decision I make. There was a time my priority in life was just to have fun, eat, watch movies and sleep. Those were interesting days to recall but as I grew older I had to take up some responsibilities and help out anyway I can. This is where financial stability comes in, the ability to provide for your self and your loved ones.

As I tend to arrange my priority and work towards them, I got to understand that I can't meet up with every other things I'm supposed to do. You can't be everywhere right?, somethings just have to wait or be delayed in the quest of trying to achieve other stuff, this I learnt the hard way. In other not to breakdown in the quest to please everyone, I just had to cut down some activities and explain to people when the need arises. It feels so strange writing about this because this question is centered on my decisions these past few weeks PRIORITIES, I guess that's why I was drawn to it in the first place.

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Hint: Second letter of the word HAPPY


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