Coastal Cleanup In Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu Together With PCGA and PNP

Hi there eco Train community, hope everyone is safe and doing well wherever you are in the globe. This is the first content that I will be sharing in this community and I believe that this is the appropriate community for the topic that I will be sharing because the topic tackles environmental sustainability. Last Saturday our community of freedivers was invited by the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary (PCGA) for a coastal cleanup here in our village particularly on our public beach of Alcoy. Philippine National Police (PNP) was invited as well to the cleanup program, together with the local fishermen and coastal law enforcers. In addition to it, they also invite scuba divers which is why they titled the program as Coastal Cleanup plus Scubasurero.

In line with the Coastal Cleanup program initiated by PCGA, the PNP also celebrate its 26th Police Community Relations which refers to the ongoing and changing relationship between the police and the communities they are serving, and this includes cooperation program like coastal cleanup. Let me share some of our photos during the coastal cleanup.

Our group photo, from the rightmost wearing an orange shirt was the PCGA, the ones wearing blue are the Police officers together with the coastal enforcer, and in the leftmost in a black shirt is our community of freedivers. The above photo was captured after the cleanup.


Our freediving gears lining up getting ready for the cleanup.


Police officers had their garbage bags as they traverse the shorelines and start looking for garbage that may cause damage to marine life.


After a couple of minutes, bags of garbage are piled up already.

After the cleanup, our small community of freedivers got a chance to have a group picture. It feels good to help the community in simple ways, helping to sustain the marine life which in return it helps the community as well especially the local fishermen by keeping their main source of living.

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