EcotrainQotw s8#3/Actions to combat climatic change.

Most of the suffering humans face as a result of climatic change is caused by the same human who get their fucking ass up, go to the street and just fucking do some crazy things that seem thrown back at us but these same fucking humans go-ahead to blame something else over their predicament.

A normal human can even blame the Government when rain doesn't fall, they can even go ahead to say the government is the cause of flooding in the area, the same human can even go to the extent of saying we suffer some natural perils because the government fails to put nature in order.

Forgetting the fact that we all are fucking responsible for that effect.

Mother earth is just like a mirror, that present to you every fuck you give to it.

It gives exactly what you give to it without any form of change it gives back.

When we ill-treat nature or mother earth then be ready for the reciprocal of what you gave. Give to it a good environment and it responds with good health, give to it a bad environment and it reciprocates bad health, give to it too much heat with industrial actions and it also responds with heat as one will find it not conducive to live in it.

I have seen so many fucking actions that are taken by humans which have given the world and the climate a total change.

Which is currently fucking with us now as we complain of the crack of the ozone layer which makes the heat even more than expected.

And for us to have a better world and good climatic conditions those actions that corrupted nature needs to be reversed which means all ill-treatment should begin to change into good treatment so we can have a good and better climatic condition and the world as a whole.

The question of the week States " what action do you think need to be taken to combat climate change?"

I have used a little time to get a good walk down the street and I discovered some action that needs to be taken and some needs to be reversed.

A bunch of dirt by the roadside where people pass all the time can be hazardous to man and that is because the climate is no longer conducive for man's health so to fight this.


Stop dumping refuse anyhow.

If only we could stop this act.



And then start reversing the act by doing this.

I think it will become an even better place for us to live and also keep a healthy body.

Thanks to @ecotrain for playing a vital role in making the earth a better place for you and me.


Keep the world clean and the climate will have no option other than to respond to our favour.

Thanks for passing by.

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