Ecotrain qotw season 7 #9/ My boo.

Technology is what everyone can attest to the fact that it has in one way or the other helped an individual in every positive way.

Everyone that goes on this part will say well of how best all these have brought about life in an individual, that is it has re-created man and everything that we do in one way or the other is affected by the coming in of technology.

Talking of technology with several of them and how they have impacted positively in the life of people who have put them to use.
I want to emphasize the one that has affected my life positively, it's still affecting me positively and will continue to affect me positively.
The technology that has impacted a lot in my life is the MOBILE PHONE.



Sometimes I look and imagine how this small device has been able to carry out a lot of tasks that if it is left for me I wouldn't have been able to meet them.

This device has kept me company in all ramifications.

  • Gaming. This device has done a lot by organising my mindset considering the types of games that came with the device. It has helped my level of intelligence decoding what seems to be difficult and it doesn't stop on the device as it has also extended to reality, some problem seems to come in diverse ways and sometimes they present themselves just loke the game I have been playing and with same tactics I have solved this problem.

  • Communication. This thing called mobile phone has equally made my distant friends, relative, business partners and so many others. People who seem too far from me tends to live with me and even walk around with me as a result of this device. So many trips I would have made just to meet some of these people are done with just one daily at my convinced without much stress.

A business that would have required my presence can be done with the presence of my phone without me physically there. Even in this aspect, I will say it has saved me a lot.
Information also came through this device so because the information is power this device, in particular, I will relate it as power also because it gives room for information at our disposal without having to go through any stress before getting it.

  • Finance. this device has also been a source of livelihood to me as it has helped to sustain and maintain my financial status at the current level I find myself in.
    Most of the places I make money came as a result of this device, so I will call it the major stream of my finances. It has helped in boosting my financial state.

If I will talk about how it has positively affected me there is going to be a lot to talk about but these are the major areas I think it has done to me more good than bad putting me in the right direction and making sure I achieve the goal set with living on earth.

So I will call my mobile phone a part of my life since life gets almost everything done with the help of this device.

Let me just stop here but I believe you would not have read these if my device is not in my hands.

Thanks for passing by.


All thanks to #ecotrain for bringing us back to the reality of how technology has done well to our lives and the society and even the globe as a whole.

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