eco Train: QOTW: Stress Busting!

During this pandemic, many Countries experience stress,whether it's because of work problem,boredom athome,loneliness,or antiety.

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Will cause stress,prolonged stress can have a negative impack on physical health and mental health. So stress must be eliminated or addressed.

As I feel the result of this pandemic is limited outside activities and boredom will arise from boredom giving birth to stress.

Experiencing stress can interferl with daily activities.therefore,the stress you feel should not be kept under wrapt. Some of the ways that I do to relieve stress naturraly that I can do is like, practice breating,changing the way you breathe can be one way of relieving stress.

By doing the righ breathing techniques,the brain and body can be come more relaxed in jus a few minut

In haling air while countn one to three in wsrdly in hale the stomach is filed with air .hold you breath for one second then exhale slowly while countn one to three.


Exerciting exerciting will make the amount of strees hormones in the body decrease,exercise also triggers the production of endorin,a hormone pain reliver.


Not only that,physical activity that is carried out regulary will make sleep better quality.

*Drinking" tea, tea especially green tea contains anti oxidants and teanine, an amino acid that can have a calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore,drinking tea can be one way to relieve stress in the short time.


Gardening gardening is one way to relieve stress,by looking at the green color of leaves,plants,my mind will calm down by going to the garden rice fields every day. so the mind focuses on the object that is being worker on.


Helping others, helping others will make use see anothers perspective and be are grateful for what we have and what we don't have. Helping others will help the heart be happier and that is relieving stress.

Caring for pets having a pet can be a way to relieve stress, interacting with pets will trigger the brain to release axytocin. Thank you.

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