ecoTrain Cooking On A Budget Competition Week 3: New Year Leftovers

Hello Ecotrain friends, thank you 🙏 for last time. and happy new year to you here is my recipe fusion of leftovers.

Cooking on a budget: one pot vegan meal for 2-3.

We are very concious about our food so we use leftovers if they are well preserved. We invited our friends for some indian veg food but for some reason they could not come. so for making food i had to reduce the amount which was already cooked and half there are
1.5 cups cooked basmati rice.was ready
8 small pototoes, cooked
2 small grated carrots
4 broccoli tops
some 2 days old leftover bread from the fridge.

additionaly i used:
1 small onion
1 green chilli
1 ts whole cummin
1 ts turmeric powder
2 ts salt
1 ts black pepper powder
1/2 ts red chilli powder
1/2 lime
2 cm fresh ginger
2 tbs oil
1 tbs corn starch
2 tbs coriander chopped.
1 tbs fresh grated coconut.

mix together to make like dough:
chopped onion, chilli, ginger and coriander
peeled and grated potatoes
3-4 slices of bread finely chopped or shredded
corn starch, cummin, turmeric, oil and salt to make the bottom in the piepan. it is not crust like pie- it should be softer.

Mix all ingredient for dough including bread pices.

this is the dough.

Brush oil on pie-pan and make a 2 cm thick layer of dough same like we do for pie. and baked in oven 15-20 min at 200 c.


meanwhile preparing leftover veggies and rice using:
Mix red chilli powder and salt in the rice
salt and black pepper powder in the carrots
coriander and lime in the broccoli

when ready it looks like this. in summer we can mix everything together and eat it like salad with some dressing.

Take out the pie pan from the oven.

Spread one by one layer in the baked pototo dough Prepared carrot. then rice, then broccoli i used optional coconut and few almonds on the top. and bake in oven for 10 minutes. if it is warm weather do not need to put this in the oven but here we have -5c so it is much better to eat warm food.

And here we had dinner with some tomato and carrot slices with sliced onion.

It was so delicious and colorful simple vegan dinner.

Servings for 2-3. budget is very hard to say we harvested pototoes and carrots in october from our garden. might be 5 dollers? preparing time 10 minutes 15+10 = 30 min oven i used. total 40 minutes.
If it is summer i would not use oven. The idea was to finish leftover didn't add ingredients like lentils or beans. But with beans, lentil or peas it is very tasty.


Here is our dessert. some almonds and dates.

thank you🙏

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