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There is an English proverb that says "Tidy House, Tidy Mind", and the meaning of saying that arranging and organizing are among the most important things we must do in order to enjoy a clear mind and the ability to create and create.

Today we urgently need to apply this saying, especially since we are quarantined in our homes, we work in them and spend the whole day moving from our places, this pattern is new and it has not happened before, and there is a great fear on the part of psychiatrists that a large number of people will suffer from mental illnesses and collapses Nervousness and depression during and after the home quarantine period due to the spread of Corona.

There are several things that specialists and logic advise to follow during this period, away from sitting on the sofa and watching a movie or documentary on "Netflix", which is also suffering from pressure to watch, which prompted it to replace its broadcasting with low resolution.

Firstly, it is very important to wake up at a certain time every morning, just as you are preparing to go to work, prepare yourself and wear comfortable clothes that facilitate movement, have your coffee, set in mind a daily program, and if you work from home, organize your day and your contacts at work, and take Take a break from time to time.

Listen to the news and do not do a lot of it, because it may affect your psyche negatively and make you feel very frustrated. This epidemic has brought the world to a standstill, restaurants are closed, cinemas closed and movement paralyzed, so change is big and not easy at all.

No matter where you live, you should be patient, organize your day and distract yourself with something useful.

In addition to working at regular times, you can take a tour of your home library, read a book that you did not have time to read in the crowd of life before the Corona virus, which raised us more than our mothers and turned our lives upside down.

Talk to your relatives and friends over the phone more, and take advantage of your presence at home and make visual contact. Technology is useful during this period. TV program presenters also work from their homes and present their programs via Skype.

After the spread of the new Corona virus to various parts and regions of the earth, some countries were forced to impose home quarantine on their citizens and prevent them from leaving except for the most urgent necessity.

Home quarantine is known as spending the maximum amount of time inside the house, and if the quarantined is healthy and does not work remotely, he will feel very bored, and he will spend the quarantine period in a bad mood.


Accordingly, it was necessary to search to find out the best ways that can be entertaining and useful to pass this stone period with the least possible losses, for example:

New novels

Reading these days can be a very effective tool to break boredom and change the daily routine during the stone period. According to experts, reading new novels is able to make you forget even for a short time a reality that may be disturbing.


Music can be an ideal choice to spend this period, so making sure to hear its tunes daily during the stone is quite beneficial, because it relaxes the nerves and helps clear the mind.

The family

In the recent period, social media has had a great role and strong influence on the lives of individuals, so the quarantine period will be a nice opportunity to spend more time with the family away from the pressures of life.

Forgotten hobbies

Almost everyone has certain hobbies that he can succeed in without others, except that the pressures of work, study or even the family and their obligations and also the lack of time compel one to forget his hobbies, but this period of quarantine has largely provided time for individuals to practice their forgotten hobbies. Cooking This is your opportunity to learn to cook, either from YouTube shows or from family members.

If you are a journalist, for example, this is your opportunity to dive into files that you lack information about.

Watching movies is usually one of the most attractive activities for people, whether in the cinemas or at home, these days are the best days to apply this fun in homes.

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