ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

I could be a famous footballer or a model for a famous craftsman, but the science remains above everything.

One of my favorite characters was Bill Gates, who started his life almost without any preparation for building the best electronic world.

What do you think of Bill Gates? My data on its beginning is clear and direct, but now the whole world knows it.

Resonance lived his childhood in a moderately wealthy family with his sister Christian and Libby.

His father, Willem Gates, was a lawyer, and his mother, Mary Maxwell, was a teacher who subsequently worked with a few institutions and as an executive on the papers of some banks and organizations.

In his youth, Bell was an active auditor and gifted to read various reference books and books, and at 12 years old his parents seemed nervous about his investigations as he gave indications of his passion from school, so his parents recruited him at Lakeside Private School.

Ringer dominated his subjects and was brilliant at science, arithmetic, language, and drama. Computers caught Bell's attention completely when Lakeside School brought a computer into its lobbies, and Bell had the option to create a program in a basic language that enabled computer clients to play against the computer.

It was at Lakeside School that Bill met Paul Allen, who had become two years more established than him, and who joined their shared love of computers.

The schoolmates invested a large portion of their energy in PC programming, and when Bill and Allen discovered flaws in the school's PC framework, it enabled them to have additional computer time, which upset the organization that planned this program that deprived the school of using the framework for some Time. From time. After ending the hardship timeframe, the organization endorsed Bill and his colleague Allen's proposal to address the framework's shortcomings. In fact, the two young men had the option to do so, and Bill was even prepared to build a pay rates program for the organization's representatives and had the option to build a framework for participation in the school.

Bell went to Harvard to think about law, yet was not drawn to this field, as he invested the bulk of his energy in the college's computer labs, and computers and programming included all of his causes.

The Achievements of Bill Gates

Allen, a classmate of the school, left the University of Washington and moved to Boston to work there, and the two mates kept in contact with each other, and on specific days, Allen showed his friend Bill a replica of the famous hardware magazine. Which included on its pages an article on a small computer called Altair 8800 arranged by a small New Mexico organization called METS.

Understanding that this is an amazing open door for them, the two young men arrived at the organization to ensure they were rolling around in composing a basic program that had the power to power the Altair8800 computers. Bill and Ellen had not yet started writing this program when the organization indicated its eagerness to see the supposed program, forcing them to submit for a very long time in Harvard's computer labs to compose the program.

Allen traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to test the program with Mets. Indeed, their endeavors were delegated to progress and the program was filled out as required, Mets hired Allen and subsequently enlisted Bill, who left Harvard.

Microsoft programming was far and wide among beginners who used to obtain duplicate copies of these projects before they were delivered to the market and published for nothing, and after these juniors and conflicts with Mets regarding programming development rights, Bill Gates moved Microsoft's activity base camp to Bellevue in Washington, DC. In 1979, when the organization started doing programming in various arrangements for several computer organizations.

Due to the progress made by "Microsoft" in reaching the "Windows" framework and various projects and applications, the cost of Microsoft's participation in the budgetary business sectors has increased, and Bell's fortune has grown to about $ 101 billion from 1999.

Despite these enormous fortunes, Bill sought to oversee Microsoft in an expert and meticulous manner. Specifically, he was following the path of issues, delving into the smallest nuanced, specialized and authoritative details and striving to create creativity and progress in the hearts of his actors.

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