What actions Have you taken in your life that led to positive changes?

My name is Hannah


I want to thank @ecotrain for giving me this incredible opportunity to share my story of positive change And @charleywhittall who is also in on this..

So everything start 2021 when I met someone who changed my plans and life, cause I was thinking of leaving home after schooling to go stay with my friends in Abuja (Nigeria) but this person changed my plans and made me come to Lagos (Nigeria) which is where I am now. He made me find myself cause me last year won’t be on this platform writing, I was always about having fun and was not serious in getting a serious life.

The first time when he said come to Lagos instead of Abuja I was thinking if I was making the right decision but now looking of myself I can see the growth and I’m happy I made this decision.

Actually after school I was thinking of ok I’m going to get a good job and start up my life but when I got to Lagos getting a job was not coming forth so this my friend that made me come to Lagos introduced me to crypto and told me to start posting on hive that I should join communities and engage so which I did from hive I earned my first crypto currency which from there I came into the world of crypto currency. This made me think oh well I can actually start making my money with having to work under anyone.

This made me see myself as an entrepreneur and I said to myself since getting a job is not working out why not start up something for yourself so you can have the time to do anything you want and I said fine I started selling human hair online but i was not still ok with it I wanted more I thought of my makeup classes I took when I was still in school and I said to myself I can make this work cause I have always wanted to do anything that concerns beauty but I just needed the push so I went back and learnt from scratch about makeup and it was not easy but I did after that I thought what next after here and I got the idea of renting a work space which I did but you know starting up a new business is not easy but I’m glad that I am my own boss who is trying to build up her empire and I’m glad for it.

The action that led to positive change is the fact I came to Lagos and not Abuja cause if I had been in Abuja by now only God know what I would had been doing but I know I won’t be this confident about what I want in life. I’m glad I listened to this wonderful person that introduced me to this incredible platform.

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