Q.What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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This week @ecoTrain comes up with question What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

The last year was one of the tough year and cobid19 has change our way of living the life. It has changed everything from food to the daily routine work. In Indai when the Janta Curfew (it is similar to curfew but not by the forces) was announced no one has imagined that it will convert into lockdown over night.

If I got chance or we get intimated in advance about the lockdown my fist priority is collecting food. I remember when the lockdown was announced the first thing I have done is purchased a powder milk for my kid (she is 3 year old now). Gathering a basic essential food will be my first priority. The dry fruits and packed food are always good if you want to use then for long run. Fortunately in my area we don't face any shortage of essential itema nd we were able to order the same online.

Their is nothing like growing your own food. This will help in two ways, first you don't have to worry about the vegetables and second it make us busy which is good for our physical and mental health also. The main hurdle for gardening is that you will need a piece of land (small or big no issue). In today's city life is not easy task so you will left with the option of pots in balcony. Which Inguess is also not a bad idea.

Just before the lockdown I was shifted to a new locality in a Row House (Row House means a independent house). I am living in ground floor and fortunately the owner has spare some space on sides of the house and in backwards which is free. During the lockdown I was jot able to work on that samll area because of the lack of tools, fertilizer and seeds. But now the markets are opened So I decided to start a small project and work on maintaining my own small Garden.
If their will a lockdown again then for sure my little garden project will help me.

Sharing some pictures of garden project....




As a social being humans are not like to be caged in their own houses. So the other big problem after the food is mental health. The elsers and the kids need special attention in this regards. The lockdown effect the mental strength of the people. During lockdown, most of the people get bored as their was not much to do. But this may be the time to study and keep enhancing our the knowledge. We are living in the digital world so if we have internet facility on our laptop/mobile that means we are connected with the world. If the situation arise again then I will take it in positive way and try to enhance my knowledge by reading the books or watching the educational videos. I will use the time to increase my engagement on hive by exploring new community, which is also good for the hive ecosystem and yes personal for me alao.

Final conclusion - If the lockdown situation arise again then my firt priority will be gathering the essential food. I will take this free time by engaging myself with my hobby (gardening), spending quality time with family, enhancing my knowledge by reading the books & watching online education videos, playing with my kids (educating her also) and connect more with relative and friends online.

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