Ecotrain question of the week #21: My spiritual Experiences.


OK I am so happy to participate in this weeks ecotrain contest, titled My spiritual experience.
When it comes to spirituality I am so conscious of it, because I am a Christian not just a Christian by name but Christian in deeds. I may not be perfect but I know I am trying to work towards perfection just as my heavenly father is. I am here to share a spiritual experience I had.
Well as a born again Christian I have had several spiritual encounters but I would only share one.
It was a Sunday morning in church, I was not feelings happy at all, I was extremely depressed although I can't place right now what happened that put me in such a mood, and to worsen it I woke up late and so I couldn't meet up the vestry prayers as in workers prayer meant and compulsory for all church workers. Without joining the vestry prayers just know that you aren't joining any department whether as an usher, sanctuary keeper, chorister, elder, deacon, etc that day. Even if you were to play an important or vital role in Church that Sunday just know its not working.
So it was on a day like that, that I fell into the trap and I was not going to be allowed to sing. If you can remember vividly when I wrote about the ecotrain question for last week about music, I made mention that music is life to me, I am music and music is me, so you can now understand and imagine my plight if i don't sing in the choir.

So couple with my depressed state and me going late to church I was just so furious, but I believe God must have been laughing at me, saying this girl doesn't know my good plans towards her today. While in church I felt i had disappointed God and my choir leader because I was the one to lead the choir ministration for that day.
So after the Sunday school, and the Sunday school summary, everyone dispersed to their appropriate quarters. If you were in the choir you quietly move to your choir stand, if you were in ushering department you do same, in shot all workers moved to their duty post.


So it was time for introit and worship and the worship leader stood out to sing, I sluggishly joined in singing and as the tempo of the music rise and everyone were filled with the spirit before I knew what was happening I was lying on the floor, rolling and crying, at that moment I didn't know what was happening to me, but immediately I got up that depression flew away, the guilt of not coming early to church immediately vanished, I felt light, refreshed and renewed.
You know most times God doesn't judge or condemn us the way we do to ourselves. His thought towards me and you is of good not bad or evil to give us an expected end.


I will continue to be grateful for my soul salvation, I will continue to be grateful that I knew God, many a times sickness, pains, cares of life tries to distract me from the love of God, but when I remember Jeremiah 29:11.
Never allow the devil deprive you of your heavenly father's love, the devil is a liar, because he lies from the beginning, lying is his nature,(John 8:44) so never allow him lie to that God doesn't love you enough to forgive you or that he doesn't care about you, its a lie from the pit of hell.
Hold on be hold tight, Jesus still loves you.

I hope I have been able to share my spiritual experience and hope you were blessed too, if yes, then please comment and up vote.

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