EcoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technology have had a positive influence on your life?

Hi everyone in #EcoTrain. So this week's question is about Which technology has had a positive influence on your life?? CONTEST HERE

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Today man has made a lot of progress in science and technology. Now it is difficult to imagine a life without technology. It has made our life simple, easy, and convenient. New inventions have brought us a lot of benefits.
Mobile phone, TV, computer, internet, oven, fridge, washing machine, water dispenser, motorcycle, ship, train, bus, means of transport, everything has become possible with the help of modern technology. With the help of new types of medicines, medical equipment, it has become possible to treat complex people.

So as the question "Which technology have had a positive influence on your life?".

My answer would be "INTERNET" If we look around us, then we will see how easy life has become today with the help of the internet. If today's time is compared with the earlier times, then it becomes even more convincing that the inventions of various sciences have fully cooperated in making human life easier in the modern era. Internet is one of them.
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Importance of Internet

On hearing the name of the Internet, numerous things ring a bell, like PCs, portable, Google, video calls. Any field can be seen, regardless of whether it is transport or reporting, or some other field. The Internet has demonstrated its determination all over. The Internet has a major hand in making the present period current and simple.

In a previous life, it was hard to try and envision that such a gadget could be created by which replies to different inquiries could be posed. Shopping from home, following your train from home, talking vis-à-vis with a companion from a long way off from America, or knowing the North Pole temperature sitting at home. The Internet has given this load of offices to people. Everything has changed in view of the Internet. Individuals have come nearer to one another. The world has become excessively little.

The Internet has achieved an upset in the individual and expert existence of individuals. The web is exceptionally simple to utilize and it is very available. In spite of being particularly extraordinary assistance, the expense of utilizing it is a couple of rupees.

At one time it was incomprehensible, yet presently it is conceivable and is among us. Tell us which regions all throughout the planet were decidedly influenced by the utilization of the Internet and how they use expanded.

Internet access and importance in many fields

Use of the Internet in Education Use of Internet Education

Generally, the internet is utilized is in the schooling office. The Internet has made everything extremely simple in the field of schooling. Understudy life is a lot simpler than previously.

Understudies have the internet so they learn everything effectively and without any problem. They tackle every one of their questions and issues through the internet. The Internet has incredibly diminished the distance between various expert instructors and understudies.

India is a nation where individuals can't concentrating because of destitution. They leave their examinations because of an absence of offices and absence of assets. Such understudies enormously affect the internet in their life. They would now be able to learn more for less cash.
Numerous understudies are getting ready for huge tests yet they leave those arrangements because of the expensive charges of the instructing focus. Be it JEE or NEET or IAS. Training focus expenses are currently soaring and understudies needed to surrender their fantasies because of need, yet with the coming of the internet, it has become extremely simple.

Use of the Internet in Tourism

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With the assistance of the Internet, voyaging anyplace has become a lot simpler. Gone are the days when people expected to ask the way. Given the Internet, as of now, there is no convincing motivation to go wherever and ask anyone for the course or address.

Bearings to any place on the planet can be found by opening the guide. In the pre-web time, people used to worry about how late the train would be and how at some point previously or after how long they expected to show up at the station while going through the train.

Yet, in the present time, individuals don't stress since they can follow the train from their telephone or PC. Not just this, sitting at home, it can likewise be known when a seat is free on the train or not.

There are various jobs on the Internet in the movement business region. Inns can in like manner be saved sitting at home. The Internet has made the travel industry simpler and has made the world a lot more modest and more solid.

Important Use of the Internet in Communication

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Communication has changed remarkably due to the Internet. Prior, where letters were sent and their answer was anticipated for quite a long time, today, in only a couple of moments, by settling on a video decision, talking should be possible by checking out the face.

The impact of the Internet is additionally apparent in the field of communication. Where prior it was hard to tell what's going on in different regions of the planet, today news can be known by observing live recordings. The Internet unfathomably affects reporting.

Internet revolution in business

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The Internet has upset pretty much every field, so how might business be abandoned. A great many makers and vendors have come nearer as a result of the Internet.
Because of online shopping, the competition has increased even more. Goods are easily available to the customer at a better quality and a lower price. After the advent of the Internet in business, the possibilities of growing small traders have increased manifold.

Importance of the internet in entertainment


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In the field of entertainment also we can see the use of the internet. Individuals get crores of pictures, billions of tunes in their grasp in only a couple of rupees on account of the internet.
People can see the performance of their favorite stars more closely.

Use of the Internet in News and Media


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Today the utilization of the Internet has filled quickly in the field of media. Today any sort of destruction contacts individuals in a couple of moments. Today, with the assistance of numerous web-based streaming media sites and news sites, it has become exceptionally simple to arrive at the news to individuals. Presently individuals can peruse all the principal news on their telephones and can likewise watch news through video.

The Internet has brought many changes because of which life has become simple and intriguing. But just as everything has two sides, similarly the negative effects can also be seen.
Today, episodes like Internet erotic entertainment and cybercrime are occurring, which will likewise need to find solid ways to stop them. To keep away from such results, utilize the Internet carefully and don't allow the Internet to rule you.

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