What Foods We Should Eat To Be Healthy & Vibrant : ecoTrain QOTW Segment & (My Story)

Hello and welcome all here in this weeks #qotw segment. This week the question seems as very related to the personal homestead lifestyle that we hold personally.More of the things are there to express and I have stories of myself which speaks of the journey of my changing habit when it comes to "food intake".

Today,before starting to say about the question, what foods should be recommended to eat,lets go and hear about my personal journey that I made throughout this transition of food menu I made from time to time.

From Childhood, The Same Fast Foods.

Actually,the tongue is such an organ that always acts like an indomitable machine to control and thats true not for me but the other people out there in the globe.What special foods we eat and whats been cooked all around the world arent the same, rather it is crucially different from the cultural and geographical orientation.People who live in the oriental and tropical weather, much lilely have the tendency to eat foods with lot of spice and chillies on their dishes.

Relatively going far from the east and delving into the western territory, people stick with cream and butter oils and hot pizza's, roadsite storefronts in the hillside always evaporates the smell of these foods and not a small crowd that gathers there to eat what they like to eat all the time.Businesses shine, people eats to their hearts content, and thats how the eating habit gets formed.

Similarly from the very childhood of my life, I used to eat things that has unique taste and with minimal food value.Because I gave priority to my taste buds and the favourite items on the menu,letting alone the foods that are rich in nutrients and behaves good for the health at large.
So, basically I looked like a zero sized obese, right before the age of adolescence. Certainly things began to change with my progressive life.

The Shift Of Habit -From Fast To Organic.

Now as we keep eating junks and the fats and other macro molecules start to accumulate in our body,in the foods that we eat that stores right under the skin and which gives off the shape of obese and football like stature and figure, thats when healh starts to deteriorate and we fall into the trap of diseases that are partially uncontrollable to cure of, if unchecked for a long time.

So,my doctors told me to maintain a routine that seemed very hard for me to conform and so I began to feel out of sorts for a couple of times in the beginning. But,I had quite a strong will to change things together, mixing things that might seem good to me and so I started to keep one fast food meal for the weekend, which I left for the day to eat anything, with limited amount.

Then basically my focus went to the green vegetables and salads which is bit delicious and bit hygenic also.Adding greener items like, lettuce leaves,onions, bit of raw garlic with honey, lemon items with foods prepared firsthand,cucumber dishes and less oil and fats in the menu,sugar free curries, and with much of hydrated foods that made me to buipd up better the health and so as I began to feel light, thin and easy.

The routine went for quite a years time and I went on practising the food norms day by day. Eating is greatly influenced by a habit and once the habit goes on and on, we never let it go in a wrong way. What we eat,tells upon the status of the body and throughout the years time, we could able to see what is the end result and for me,it was quite positive to be honest.

Can Organic Foods Make Us Healthy & Vibrant?

This is very easy to say and I think what I narrated and the story says it all.I just dont have to look elsewhere to see the change and the answer of it,basically I quite felt the change inside and the process that made me to shift my eating plans to a new direction.

Maybe nutritionist could say better about the actual facts, what is true that ;with healthy foods come from greener items.Green is good, green is Life.Probably the best example is the earth where we live in. Deserts lose out the color of life and only a few hard survived animals could live there,on the other hand in the ocean weather and forests,the sign of life is everywhere.

So as I think for food.Oils and fats, junks and the rough items only makes us ill and we get affected by the diseases quite a lot.So,only organic foods should be options to drive the illnesses, having multiple green items and vegetables on your menu should be the number one priority.

Thanks For Reading.

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