Rest Day Reading, Store, License Manuals Book Order, Campfire - Sunday

It rained off and on yesterday which made it a good day to be inside, we ended up with .36" by this morning. Every morning I have been putting my tea into a Bubba Keg insulated cup to go soak and everytime I look down at it I see this face staring back at me.


Much of my morning was spent reading in the Handbook. I found a download of the 6 volume set from 2019 and it is very extensive. It covers fundamental theory, practical design principles, antenna systems, equipment and station construction, and troubleshooting in the various volumes. It's interesting to see how much comes back to me as I read since much of the theory and design I have been taught over the years along with my personal experience.


I had to drive down to the store to pickup our grocery order and was able to get there and back right before the rains started to hit.

In talking with @stryeyz about possibly trying to get her ham license she said she would like a book to read through. It is especially important since she has no electrical background and needs to learn the principles which you don't get from just memorizing the correct answers to the question pool. I am also hoping that J might get interested in it and the book will be good for him as well.


Since I was ordering the technician I went ahead and ordered the general class book for myself. I want the same background info myself and the book will be good for them if they want to try for general. Between all the various apps, sites, and books I think I have more than enough to study with now.


The trees in the creek are all bright yellow now and the leaves are getting ready to all drop. Within the week they should mostly be down, especially if the storms keep rolling through with the winds. A lot of leaves came down with yesterday's rains and winds.


I got a fire going in the fire pit and then cooked us steaks for dinner. This time of year is always made better with a fire going.


Today I have to get the trailer setup to allow for the ratchet strap to fit through the wood so I can strap the barrels down then I am going to town to pick up grain. After the grain is emptied I will start loading the trailer with debris from the roofing project so I can start making trips to the transfer station.

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