Harvesting, Heat, Creek - Saturday

Yesterday I picked 28 pounds of squash and after I got back in the house to input the data into my spreadsheet I found that my daily average has been 29 pounds of squash for the past 35 days. I have now pulled nearly 1200 pounds of produce from the garden and the beans and tomatoes are still just starting to put out.


harvest chart.JPG

Each box has 20 pounds of squash in it. I have the boxes of beans and cucumbers in the fridge to the left. In boxes I am able to hold up to about 800 pounds at the max for the cooler spacing, but luckily I don't ever have that much on hand at one time.


14 more cucumbers were ready and that puts me at 45 on hand. I am hoping to get an order for them today for Tuesday delivery but we will see. If not then I may end up running them through the freeze dryer once I get it moved to the pantry.


Another handful of tomatoes were ripe and ready. It seems like such a tease to get just the handful at a time while all the rest of the plants are covered in oodles of green ones. Patience is the name of the game as you can't rush ripening.


It was hot as balls all day long and in the afternoon we took the opportunity to go to the creek to cool off. It was 105°F and both @stryeyz and I were more than ready to soak in the water.


The crawdads were left alone without having the rocks piled back on top of their homes. Maybe our sign made a difference? It was super cool to see the crawdad poking itself out from under the rock as the arrow pointed right to it.


The water is quite clear and even after kicking up the sediment it settles out and clears up rather quickly. Slowly but surely I am getting the pool deeper in the middle.


R spent a god amount of time coloring the inside of the box. It's nice that companies have been printing on the insides of boxes for kids to color. Or like Amazon has the cutouts on their boxes, something for the kids. I know it has helped to keep both J and R busy off and on over the years.


While we had dinner in the Instapot we ended up back down at the creek to cool off some more. This time we both floated the creek. It was soooooooo nice and cool to just lay and float in the water.


This morning we are going to have breakfast with some friends who are on their way through town on a trip, it is going to rain at some point this morning as the system is moving over now which has cooled it off but left it hot over night, I have picking to do and today I will be working on the beans since it won't be so hot, and then the general cleaning up after the the cyclones that are the boys.

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