Grain, Potatoes, Strawberries, Sunset - Friday

Bright and early yesterday I was out the door and in town picking up 6 barrels of grain from the brewery. Early mornings are so much nicer for traffic and I am able to make it back to the farm before @stryeyz leaves for work. I was able to take my time then and after a bit I I went out and dumped the barrels into the sheep pen. The birds all piled onto it and the sheep spent much of the day browsing the piles.


My sole blackberry plant that I transplanted from the west side of the state is doing great. It took it a year of being planted in the ground for it to take hold but it has now put up nice fresh growth! I have it planted right on the edge of the creek and my hope is that it will start to take over the bank.


I added the upper fence to the tomato row. I needed to get it up now before the plants are too big so I don't hurt them later on trying to do it. I may need another run of fence on the cucumber row but that can wait a while as they are growing much slower than the tomato plants.


The potatoes needed more soil added to a bunch of the bags. Only 2 haven't put off growth while some of them are almost fully unrolled. I am all in on the bags now. They are super easy to use, easy to add soil to, keep watered, they keep the varmints out, and harvesting will be a cinch. This will be my potato growing method from here on out.


It was hot most of the day and bright and sunny so I wasn't going to go try picking strawberries in that. About 5pm I noticed it was shaded outside as a mass of clouds had started to move over. I took the chance and went and picked until the clouds moved past and the sun began to blaze again. I got a few pounds picked and still have about 3/4 of the rows to still pick.


@stryeyz and I hiked up the hill to watch the sunset for a while.


This afternoon into tomorrow is Cub Scout camp up north and the boys and I will be going. We will be camping overnight and the boys will get to do a bunch of fun activities. We will be back Sunday afternoon and luckily it is hot this weekend so they can go swimming in the lake.

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