Grain, 2000 lbs Summer Squash Picked, Wood Splitting - Thursday

I Was out the door and heading to town at 5:30am to get barrels of grain. The first brewery had 5 barrels which I condensed to 4. Luckily I thought to bring my headlamp so I was able to see the grain I was shoveling between barrels.


At the other brewery there were 3 barrels that I condensed to two and tied them down in the bed of the truck. I was able to make it home in time to soak for a while with @stryeyz before she had to go to work.


The sheep and alpaca piled onto the grain once I had it dumped. The birds all flocked to it once I opened the coop door as well.


I was going to go pick squash and I found this recently volunteered tomato plant a long ways from all the others. I left it as it will get frozen out before it is able to produce anything. I might pot it up for an inside plant and let it vine all winter.


The squash did not give me much but it DID give me my 2000th pound of summer squash picked this year! I got 10 pounds which puts me at 2007 pounds picked. I really am astonished at how much I have been able to produce from six 50 foot rows and a couple plantings.


We got our order of jerky seasonings to restock our supply. We are trying a couple new ones and I can't wait for our bison order to be ready so we can make some jerky. We have a bunch of ground beef that we are using now.


@stryeyz and our friend left for their girl's weekend around 2 pm and the boys kept themselves entertained most of the afternoon. I got my order of squash ready for delivery to the co-op and labeled the boxes.

7 rounds left to split of my load of wood from last Saturday. I will get them split today and I will probably need to do some restacking to get all the common wood in 3 rows evenly so I can split the bull pine rounds and stack them on this end.


Soaked and watched R&M and worked on the knots in my back from all the wood splitting.


This morning I have already been to town for grain, drop off co-op order, and picked up our grocery order. I got a bunch of candy to do a run in the freeze dryer, I have a few different things to try out and see what happens. I know Skittles work great but I am going to try Reeses Pieces, Good & Plenty, Sugar Babies, Starburst, and Whoppers. The Whoppers may not work since they are kinda puffed up as it is. The batch of peppers will be done soon so I will run the candy next as it normally is a short cycle.

Today I go up to the squash garden to work on it after my buddy stops by this morning. The bale of hay has to get into the sheep pen and their waters need filling. I'll split the last rounds of wood, and see if anything is ripe enough to harvest.

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