It's been quite a year for people all over the world. Covid 19 has changed our world. For many of us the hardships have been overwhelming. Some have been broken from the stress and strain, thankfully most have survived. But even survivors may not have come out of this mess whole and have been forever changed by this ugly virus.

Stories have been told that break our hearts. Some of us cry, others are angry. To manage this emotional stress we all must find a way to cope and move forward in a positive way.

I can only speak for myself, and I have been fortunate.

I think my geographic location has played a very important role in keeping us insolated from this pandemic. We live in a pretty isolated area in the mountains in Upstate NY.


My second wave of de-compressing is aromatherapy. It often starts with the clean fresh air. A walk around our #homestead seems to set me straight. The sounds and sights of #nature has such a calming affect on me.


Add some rosemary and sweet basil and my happy face appears. These two herbs added to your morning routine can really make a difference. No cooking involved. Just pinch a leaf or two, roll them in your hands and sniff.

Rosemary oil, from the plant has been know to reduce stress, by reducing cortisol, a harmful hormone.


What kind of smell does sweet basil have?
Sweet basil, has a high concentration of the chemical agent eugenol. This has a clove-like scent. Lime and lemon basils have high concentrations of limonene, that gives them a citrusy scent. Both eugenol and limonene have antioxidant properties.



Whatever is said by the scientists , I know first hand, these scents calm me and make me feel happy.
Rosemary and basil are the only two herbs I bring inside to extend their life after the usual growing season. I add enriched soil and grow lights, pluck them daily, which actually helps new growth, and sniff their aroma to uplift my spirit.

Observing nature.

My next line of defense, is just walking through the woods and taking a look around. The trees, in all their glory, stand tall and strong, swaying with wind as wildlife makes the forest their home. I love the wind, it's spooky and exhilarating at the same time.


Practicing yoga.

On and off for about 40 years, I have been attending yoga classes. I first started learning yoga when my second son was born. That was 1980. My mom would watch my two boys, while I went to a local yoga class that was held in MY church basement. The main reason I went was because I suffered from chronic back pain.

Yoga took away my pain, made me a better wife and mother, relieved my stress. I may not attend classes anymore, but those lessons have stuck with me for years, I still practice.

Thanks @plantstoplanks, when things were rough last year because of covid, and my starvation from not being able to see my family was kicking my arse, you inspired me to begin again. Within days of your comments to me, I was up and going at it again. I do a 1 hour video with a very mellow instructor, perfect for this ole gal.


The last, but As the saying goes not the least.

For me it's numero 1.

Love the one you are with. If you have someone to love, that loves you in return, you hit the jackpot. Never forget that. The grass is not greener on the other side. Ask anyone that's been there.

Embrace, hug, hold. The human touch is so powerful, it can heal with just one stroke.

Life is what you make it, go for the gusto.

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