ecoTrain Cooking On A Budget Competition Week 3: New Year Leftovers (My first enty and Introduction)


Farah Batool here from Pakistan, I am undergraduate student and now free from School for only three months because we have 3 month winter holidays. I am student of Al Mustafa Public School which is known as private school. I live in Quetta city of Pakistan. I have a little family in which husband and 3 childrens are the part of my family.


My hobby is playing games and making drawings, but sometime to read books. I am also interested in computer and other knowledge researches.


As we have winter holidays one of my relative taught me about hive platform and tell me about the mechanism and other workings of this platform. I am really thankful to @asgharali because he teaches me about this platform.


Along hive he also tell me about @ecotrain community, and what contents should be posted over here. He also taught me that this community arranges weekly contest and gifts with prizes. Hope the hive and ecotrain community will welcome me with warm wishes. I have started my career in this platform and will continue further.


I hope you are all well. I am fine too. Today the weather is very pleasant. It has been raining for two or three days and it is likely to rain for four more days. oday we have made lentils in the food. I like lentils very much which is a simple and delicious food.

I have read previous posts in the community and different contests, which makes me more interested. So, I thought to start my post by participating in the contest. This is my entry in the contest COOKINGONABUDGET with delicious Lentils.



Lentils are a substitute for meat those who cannot afford meat due to high prices, so they should eat lentils. It is high in protein. One of the good things about lentils is that they do not make a person fat but keep them fit and healthy.



There are many types of lentils such as black lentils, yellow lentils, brown lentils and other lentils. By the way, I like a lot of lentils but I like yellow lentils the most but today we have made black lentils. Now I will share with you how to make lentils. First of all, I cleaned the lentils well. When I cleaned the lentils thoroughly, I washed them thoroughly. Place the lentils in water to soften them, then boil them in water to make them softer.

Then I started making gravy. To make the gravy, I cooked the garlic in a little oil until it turned yellow. I chopped the tomatoes finely and put them in the oil to cook۔ Then I mixed the appropriate amount of pepper, spices, salt in it to get the taste, then I mixed the girvi with lentils. Then put it on the tail and for half an hour our delicious and tasty lentils are ready.



Lentils are beneficial for the human life and it should not be avoided. We at least should eat two time in a month. Some of the benefits of lentils are,

  • Lentil contains 8.8g protein, 0.7g fat, and 5.1g fibre.
  • Lentils support the digestive system, and makes the stomach clean and clear.
  • This food controls the blood sugar level of the body.
  • It reduces the risk of cancer attack and other diseases.

Here is my effort and first entry in the platform, hope the people will like and welcome me.

Thank you all.

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