Give what you seek from others.

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In this life , alot of individuals want some certain things from different people , they want loyalty from others , they want faithfulness from others , they want trust from others , they want true love and care from others , they want respect from others , they want alot things from others in the society..

The question is , do you deserve those things which you are seeking from them? If you want to demand those things from others , then make sure you too are also giving it to people too , you cannot be demanding trust when you are not trustworthy , you should not be demanding respect when you are not respectful , you should not demanding love and care when you are not willing to love and care for others too etc.

Whatever you are seeking from others , you should be prepared to reciprocate too , wanting it from them without giving it to them is a form of hypocrisy , you need to be able to practice what you preach or what you are trying to preach...

The bottomline is that you should treat others the way you also wish to be treated , if you want to be treated well then treat others well..

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