ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?

Technology is like a curator in my life, twenty years ago electric buld was hard to seen, they was nothing like electricity in my state.

I make used of lantern in the night to see anywhere I am going, and once it was night, I will switch it on, the disadvantages of using lantern was so many, as inhaling of the smoke from lantern can cause severe liver failure, cancer and all the rest of it.



But, Technology came and deliver us, making everything turn around for our good, we now have something we called buld, once been sucket in and power on, the wall switch, it will send brightness and we used it to see everything around us, set our schedule and also follow up what we were intended to do.



I used it in my room, so, if I said that technology has not done favourable thing to me, I think seeing electricity lights from buld wouldn't let me be, buld is an example of the technology we are experiencing that was not in times back.

Technology also contribute positive to my life in the aspect of ceiling fan, this one really wow me, Because here nature is converting into something else thus adding advantage to us.

Technology has made me convert the air we breath and turn it into hot or cold temperature, depending on what I want at the moment.



It as also help my life in terms of using air conditioner, this performed the work of converting Nature more than ceiling fan.

Air conditioner is one of the Technological machine that importance would always remains in the minds of men, as far as life goes on.

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