Who Should Avoid Using Nux Vomica?

Who Should Avoid Using Nux Vomica?
If you have liver disease, you should not use nux vomica as it can cause liver damage.

Nux vomica should not be taken in high doses or used as a long-term treatment. Taking too much can cause serious symptoms, including:

Liver failure
Breathing problems
The possible neurological side effects of Nux vomica are very serious. Therefore, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Trusted Source Centers list nux vomica as a chemical hazard.
You should consult your doctor before using nux vomica for any therapeutic use. They can help identify the underlying cause of the problem and offer more effective treatments.
In case of uncontrolled and lack of information, use can cause deaths.

Tell your doctor about all medicines you take. Nux vomica can cause dangerous drug interactions, especially with antipsychotics.
It should also be noted that, although nux vomica has antioxidants that are beneficial for general health, taking too high doses of antioxidants can lead to health problems.

Do not risk using your health when potential toxic properties and side effects of Nux vomica are high. If this is the case, you should consider other available treatments.

I am receiving homeopathic treatment and this is the second medicine given to me and I have one last one. Meanwhile, porcelain spoon or wooden spoon is put under the tongue and it is expected to melt there. It is said by pharmacists and doctors that it is not contacted with other substances, possibly iron and any effects on contact with any part of the body may change. It is recommended not to be used with tea and coffee while using this medicine. I think it has the possibility of side effects and it is not necessary to use the substances in question on that day. I can say that I am not very satisfied. I can not say that it is absolutely useful, but I think that there should be studies on homeopathy in the field of health. As someone using this homeopathic remedy, I hope I have been able to provide you with enough information. You can consult me ​​on subjects like fibromyalgia, homeopathy. You can ask where you can find the drugs on Tekirdag.
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