Mental health and some issues on it (Ecotrain QOTW # 24 Participation)


We often do not realize how important mental health is. But there are many issues involved with mental health. If we can't maintain good mental health, then we have to deal with various problems and unrest in many ways. This week’s question has been extremely nice and I hope a lot of pretty nice comments and writing will come on this topic. So that we can be more aware of people's mental health and move forward on the path to success in life with a beautiful smiling mind. I will explain my two ideas about mental health in today’s post. First, I will say why mental health problems occur and later I will try to give some idea about how we can overcome it.

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Nature of mental health

I would first like to give some ideas about what causes mental health damage.


Since childhood, we have not been involved in entertainment. In the developed world, about one-fourth of a year, or one-third of the time, people travel to different countries. Spend time through entertainment or enjoyment. But in third world countries, especially Bangladesh, where you have to work all year round to earn a living, you can't think of going for entertainment or going out. For this reason, one has to spend one's life within a certain boundary and work throughout the year and mental health is not considered.
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Sport is deeply involved in our lives and is one of the most important forms of entertainment. However, it should not be computer games or mobile games, but the game of the outside home. If someone is addicted to computer games, mobile games, then he will become mentally ill day by day. But if he participates outside in football, cricket, rugby, golf or other sports, his mental state will improve because he is bound to improve his mental health by mixing with physical fitness and the people around him. The number of playgrounds is decreasing day by day as urbanization is taking place. As a result, our youth and children are not getting a playground. So, they stay indoors all day and are addicted to computer games or mobile phones. They don’t get the experience of going out to play with friends. And this is the reason for the distortion of mental health.
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I don't know much about the education system of different countries but the education system in Bangladesh puts a lot of pressure on the students. Many may not understand mathematics well and many are very weak towards English literature. In that case, in our country, those who do not understand or do not want to understand, do not want to read, do not want to learn are taught and taught by force. Again, in many cases there is no suitable teacher to understand a subject well. So many things may have to be memorized without understanding. Moreover, our parents have the mentality of dedicating their lives for the sake of education. This puts a lot of pressure on the kids and this pressure lasts up to the university level. Unable to cope with such stress, many people commit suicide and suffer a great deal of mental health damage.
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There is always a pressure on those who are born into a poor family or cannot get out of poverty to support their families. Many people may not have to worry about earning a living abroad. But many people in our country have to wait a long time for a job after studying. Many people have to work hard to get a job again. That is why many go abroad to work. Improving the mental health of those who have income problems is very difficult. Because all he has to do is think about how to make a living tomorrow and how to support his family with that money. Many find happiness in the middle of work again. Many people are always thinking about when they will lose their job. Or when to make a big loss in business. All in all, it is very difficult to improve mental health due to poverty.
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Surrounding conditions:

In many cases psychological problems arise due to the erosion of social values or the difference of wealth between the upper and lower classes in society. Because a lot of money is in the hands of a class, the lower people gradually become poorer. This caused chaos in the society. Moreover, due to the erosion of moral values, we often see that people cannot live in comfort even if they want to. Due to various extortionists, terrorism, corruption, bribery, distrust of the police, problems in the judiciary, etc., people are always under a lot of stress if they do not get their fair share or live a simple life in the society. A wide range of issues, including the disparity of wealth between the upper and lower classes of society and moral decay, are worrisome for human mental health. If everyone obeyed the laws of the country with religious values and education, then peace and tranquility could prevail among all.

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Suicide due to mental stress

Apart from the five causes or problems of mental health that I mentioned, there are many more problems which I did not want to discuss here. And because of all these problems, the more stress people feel, the worse they become and the more they can no longer bear it. As a result, his aversion to life goes away. So, decides to commit suicide. And it is a very bad decision because it is very difficult to give a life but it is a very serious thing to take a life. Statistically, the rise in suicides in the Third World, or in countries where religious values are not practiced, is alarming. Suicide is not just something that lower-class people are committing. Those who are rich may not be in financial trouble but have committed suicide due to various problems.


Source: Image by Hasty Words from Pixabay
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The light of hope

But the hope is that the government is showing a lot more awareness about mental health as well as the people. Many are now saying that entertainment should be included as the sixth basic need. Let's try to teach in a pleasant environment with less stress. More clubs, fields and enterprises are needed for sports. Or the rich are working to support the poor. By cultivating religious values or by enforcing the laws of the society and the country among all, the erosion of moral values can be prevented as well as the peace of the society can be ensured so that the physical and mental condition of the people can be improved.
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In fact, this world is very small and we have been given a life in this small world. And the funny thing is we don't know how long we'll live on this earth. Maybe tomorrow or 50 years from now.
But we have to leave this world at any time. I think it's important to focus on mental health as long as we live on earth because life is one.
Hey, there should not have to be so much suffering, sorrow and misery in a single life.
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The more relaxed people are and the more they focus on mental health, the healthier they will be. At the same time, it has been observed that the more people are miserable and tense, the better their mental health will be and the worse their physical health will be. When people don't pay attention to mental health, they get old and run out quickly. As well as being infected with various diseases. This destroys the peace of the family, society and the country.


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Last words

I think we all need a full smile in any situation. That is, when we are not in that state, we just have to open our minds and smile and keep our minds well. And if it is our will and effort, then maybe we can get out of this situation. Because having a smile not only keeps the heart healthy, we can do many things in our personal life very easily. So with an emphasis on mental health, everyone should enjoy life and smile.


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Many thanks to everyone for reading my post

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