Mother nature and its importance.

Nature refer to the relationship between the physical surroundings around us and life within it like natural resources,climate,atmosphere and humans .


Nature is God's gift to earth, just a mother because it is the primary source of nourishment to all living matters on earth. Without Nature, living things on earth won't be able to survive as it provides food, clothes, water, air etc.


Mother Nature is always nurturing us with all our needs. Whatever we sight around us, right from the very moment we step out of our houses is part of nature.


Importance of nature.

Nature has been there before the evolution of humans. The most important thing for survival as human is oxygen, food and water. Nature has provided everything all for humans. The oxygen we inhale are provided by tress while the carbon dioxide we exhale are absorbed by the trees. Water we need is provided by rivers, streams, sea and ocean. Food we eat are provided from plants and trees.


Nature provides us a lot of services around the clock.

  • Provisional services which includes food,water,fuel,fibre and medicinal plants
  • Regulating services which are erosion, pollution, water purification, climate regulations and flood control.
  • Non-material services are recreations, interaction with nature like music and art .


Nature supplies company and gives humans the purpose of living. Mother Nature fosters and never harm us. Those who lives close to nature are enjoying an healthy and peaceful life.

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