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WHat iS uP Hivers!? It's gettin' BUsy in the ecoTrain community, and there some fantastic posts this week that i want to share with you all.. There are, as always, a great variety of topics that we love to see and this week we have @survival-archive back in action sharing his useful and well times selection of survival PDFs. For the rest, just scroll down and enjoy some of the posts that catch your eye! A big thank you to our many curators, and especially @acidyo and his community incubation initative. Most of your posts get amazing rewards now, which is just SO good to see! Hive is rocking!

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OMG Our Freezedryer - Friday

Okay, that is what we got this thing for. Meats run through the freeze dryer are OUTSTANDING! I had cooked up 6 pounds of ground beef and filled 2 trays, cut up chicken and beef roast on another tray. At 21 hours the meat was done but the pumpkin still needed more time.

While the machine was doing its thing I spent some time trying to organize out our tupperware shelves as I need to move them so the freeze dryer will have a place to live. Lots of things got tossed in the box that we rarely use and the stuff we use more often will be getting moved to a cabinet by the sink.



E#44 From Niburians to Solar Systems through Spiritual Evolution - DZP

Hey everyone, hope you are all well.
In this week's episode, we continue our summary of the subject of aliens. I talk about the different species we've mentioned in the podcast so far, as well as go over the subject of spiritual evolution, and how it pertains to our times and the future.
It's a pretty dense episode, so put on your thinking caps, and join me down the rabbit hole outside our anthropocentric universe.

The show is live every Thursday, 22:00 UTC on Discord. If you would like to listen live and interact with me through the chat, you can join the MSP-waves discord channel@: http://minnowpond.org/. Or if you prefer, you can just listen live on the MSP-waves-broadcast network @: http://mspwaves.com/home/listen/), or on VimmTV @: https://www.vimm.tv/msp-waves

Join me, as I dive into the depth and breadth of the paradigms and ideas surrounding humanity's secret history.

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[ENG-ESP] The miraculous power of plants 🌱🌱El poder milagroso de las plantas🌱🌱

Estos días tuve un dolor de estómago y fui de visita a casa de una vecina en búsqueda de un medicamento para aliviar el dolor, sin embargo, lo que recibí de ella, fue una taza con una infusión de hierbas, entre las que estaban , limoncillo, manzanilla y anís, realmente me lo tome con mucha fe y me quede algunos minutos hablando con ella, mágicamente el dolor de estómago se fue disipando y me sentí mucho mejor, ella con una sonrisa en su rostro me dijo : “ese es el poder milagroso de las plantas”, de allí, que hoy quise, apartarme un instante de mi temática, que son la comida y decidí escribir este artículo, donde me enfocaré en resaltar las propiedades medicinales de algunas hierbas, cortezas y raíces, las cuales son efectivas para calmar algunas dolencias.
Chamomile: It is a very popular herb and among its properties, it stands out that it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic, has a calming effect and is ideal for relieving stomach discomfort and even premenstrual pain.


These days I had a stomach ache and I went to visit a neighbor's house in search of a medicine to relieve the pain, however, what I received from her was a cup with an infusion of herbs, among which were, lemongrass , chamomile and anise, I really took it with a lot of faith and spent a few minutes talking with her, magically the stomach pain dissipated and I felt much better, she with a smile on her face told me: "that is the power miraculous plant ”, hence, today I wanted, to take a moment away from my theme, which is food and I decided to write this article, where I will focus on highlighting the medicinal properties of some herbs, barks and roots, which are effective to calm some ailments.


CREATIVE ECOLOGY // Watery extract of algae as an urban bioproduct

In this opportunity, I will share a new segment of CREATIVE ECOLOGY, it is necessary to remember that in the first segment, I shared with the friends of @ecoTrain everything related to the technique Compost tea, as alternatives of urban bioinputs production in liquid presentation, in this opportunity, I will socialize what concerns the method of elaboration of the organic fertilizer, commonly identified as Watery extract of algae.
It is known as aqueous extract of seaweed, the liquid organic bioproduct based on seaweed, the technique for the development of this bioinput, is to extract the largest amount of secondary metabolites of fresh biomass of seaweed, through procedures such as maceration and the use of appropriate solvents, which act, in the extraction of these phytoelements useful for the growth of cultivated plant species.


A video all about wood chips

When I hear tree trimmers in the area, I tend to approach them and ask them for their mulch. When a tree is cut down tree trimmers will turn the branches and part of the trunk into wood chips, also known as mulch. Around where I live they tend to be happy to give it away for free, as otherwise they would have to pay a dump to accept it. This material is just pulverized trees, and it will break down into rich soil over time. This happens in the forest every day and has been happening for hundreds millions of years, just without the use of a wood chipper. When trees fall they slowly break back down into the soil and help all the other plants around by providing nutrients that were stored in the trees while they were alive.

I got rid of all my grass and covered it in these wood chips. I do not really care for having a lawn and would rather have a rich soil material to add whatever plant I want. And from my experience they do very well in the wood chips.


How to start seedlings in egg shells

Survival Archive does not advocate the use of Miracle Grow but their short film here is much appreciated because it demonstrates clearly what you can do when you don't have small seedling pots.

Eggs are perfect because the soil does not need to be removed from the 'pot' for transplanting. When the seedlings are developed, gently break the shell with your hand and plant out. The shell itself will provide nutrients for your plants. This technique can be duplicated in a vast number of creative ways using natural products instead of plastic or ceramic.

When fertilising your soil natural solutions are always best. I will upload some information on this subject in due course.

If you want to download this film it can be done from the corresponding post on LBRY:



Good day everyone, I hope this post finds you well!

The title of this post says it all. While milling on this splendid day, I felt as though my emotions were on a rollercoaster ride, and they were sitting in the front seat.

As you can tell from the time stamp on this picture, it's a shot from almost two years ago, on Christmas Day.
I'm always on the lookout for standing deadwood! I've had my eye on this beauty for a few years now, even before this photo was taken.

The colors that were being created as the tree was decaying were awesome. Much of the discoloration you see on the exterior of a piece of deadwood will also be found in its interior. Needless to say, with the mill now at the farm, this old White Ash was one of the trees I was so looking forward to milling.


Grow your own freedom gardens

During world war 2, when the world was last in a crisis much like the current one, life was tough. Productivity was limited and food was rationed. It was survival as best you could. The British government developed an advertising campaign calling upon all citizens to grow their own food, if possible. Well, the same urgency is upon us today.

My friend in her garden nearby

Back then the campaign called them “victory gardens”. Today I am calling them freedom gardens. We have been forced into a situation where our freedom is being taken away form us due to labelling a flu as a pandemic, despite mortality rates being average. Add to that the curfews and limitation on movement or travel, and you have a wartime scenario, in my opinion.


How Change Should Differently Affect The Human Psychology

Nowadays some people do not wants to see the intent of your actions they just place a black or white stereotype to it and this makes them derive a opinionated view of which their further actions towards you can be based upon. I believe we can't have what is right or wrong for a very long time and this is because sentiments are attached to what we base our judgement upon and I'll give you a hypothetical example; all human mind is programmed to distinguish between what is right or wrong and even as at this, some aspect of humanity spends their time doing something they deem right while another aspect spends their time doing what they deem right. Now the definition of 'the right"thing by the diverse universe of people in the world will always contradict itself.

And this is to say that something we get sucked in, saying something different but doing another thing entirely. Sometimes we designs system which we end up tearing down and this is to say that our definition of right or wrong isn't finite. Different states in our life often sets different standards of morality this is to say that while we grow we begin to get new proof to counter the beliefs we once shared and while this may seem like growth, I believe if we continue tearing down our principles in other to erect or build new ones, it'll get to a particular stage when we begin to contradict ourselves and this would leave confusion rather than clarity. Believe me, the world needs clarify to thrive. No one systematically builds on confusion.


Sam is back home 🏠making mandalas & sharing collective wisdom

Anyone who saw the post I made a month ago will know I have been up to something secret. It was a project outside of my home and I would always leave long before sunrise, returning usually around 6pm.

This morning is different however, because now it is done and I am not rushing off like normal into the darkness. In truth it feels very strange & a little uncomfortable being inside at this time of day after two months of doing what I have been doing in nature. Prior to my secret mission I would sit in our kitchen in the darkness of the mornings, next to the doors seen above. Looking at them yesterday I felt like they needed something. Something visual and energetic to aid me with this transition back to an inside life where straight lines rule our visual environment.


Ecovillage update #9 - The plot thickens...

| the video is from a couple of months ago |
Two months have passed since my last update, which in todays content driven world, is akin to retiring... But I have good reason (I think) for the delay..

Building takes time...
In fact, most things take time. And building from only locally sourced materials by hand, takes a hell of a long time...

I have been working on the Tipi floor for over six months now... Not consecutively I might add, consecutively it's probably 2 weeks 8 hours a day. But having Tao, running the company, maintaining the house work, and creating all of my online content, means things take a lot longer than they could..

This is a choice of mine, ours, of course. All the other families here have a very clear division of labour, the women stay home with the children and house work, and the men go and work on the land.

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Facilitating off-grid sustainable living, local trade & commerce!
ecoVillages is a new paradigm in self sufficient building and living, based on empowered groups that live off-grid with little to no bills or debt using earthship biotecture. What lies at the core of ecoVillages is that it is a model that embraces decentralisation in every way. We make sure every aspect of life is as close to home as possible, and under an individual’s control!

Our primary goal is to facilitate others to build and live in the most sustainable way using earthship biotecture, to provide a lifetime of self sufficiency with almost no ongoing bills and maintenance. Our model begins in rural areas with a lot of land available at low cost. Our model is decentralised and so homes will be spread out with each person or collective owning their land outright, but are a part of a strong and supportive community.


How To Support This Vision

1. Delegate or donate to @ecotrain to support this project.

I would be very happy to hear your comments, and any enthusiasm you might have for such a project! When I ask for people to delegate to the @ecoTrain, THIS is the ultimate goal of your delegation. Yes we support the amazing people that are on Hive with it, but there is so much more.. Who knows... some of you may well end up living in this very community, wouldn’t that make the perfect ending!

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I leave you with a smile, and HOPE! Sometimes people let hope become a reason to keep doing nothing, but other times once we have done everything we can, we can then only hope!

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