What's Up! From the ecoTrain Community Season 2 #2: Sustainable Living


Welcome back to the Whatsup Curation from the ecoTrain Community! What a week its been for Hive.. if you pay attention to the price of Hive that is! CONGRATULATIONS to all of us really.. for making Hive what it is, and now we finally get to see the returns of all our love and labour. Of course many of us don’t post for the rewards, but as we all know, when the price goes up we get more people, more engagement and that is much more fun!

Its good to see many of you posting on the topics that we know are so important in today’s post Corona world. You folks have so much wisdom and great knowledge to share.

So I hope you enjoy and learn something useful from this weeks curation! If you do find a post that you like then don’t forget to follow the person that posted! That way you will see more of their posts in your feeds.

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THIS is the NEW Normal - Begin Manufacturing In Your Garage.

What is going on, on our planet?

It's the new normal!

Baby, you ain't seen nothin yet.

The global supply chain brought to a halt by the Wuhan-flu.
Things are looking like they may return to normal.
The global supply chain brought to a halt by the captain of one boat.
Things are looking like...

Well, the global supply chain is about to be broken.
Its all part of the great reset.

T.H.E.Y. want to shift manufacturing bases to another third world country. This time T.H.E.Y. have their eyes set on America.

So, The US will be broken apart into pieces, and certain pieces will be set up with automated manufacturing plants.

We think we have class segregation now, just wait. There will soon be the haves and the have nots like we have never seen before.
The haves, having a job with the (bigger than govern-cements) corporation. Which means having a place to live and food and water.
The have nots will be rounded up and kept in camps.


Big Trout, Bon Fire - Friday

Well, that turned out to be a WELL worth while trip fishing! Only a couple miles away the lake holds numerous big fish. They do stock it each year and these were both such. We headed out finally after 11:00 and got to the lake then walked around to our normal spot. I got hte boys lines setup and they got them in the water. It was windy and cold with only a few other people around the lake. R sat on the stairs for a bit and played his line.

I got the first hit as I was reeling in my line from a cast. The fish hit hard and it fought pretty well. When I got it in and out of hte water I measured it at 20 inches. I put it on the stringer and then got the boys lines back in the water after they ran to help me land the biggun.


NVC Saves the day, again! and again..

I haven’t posted about NVC in a while... but today is the day! Why? Simply because NVC has to be one of the greatest communication methods that i have ever witnessed. Its ability to hone in on the real issues, and bypass almost all of the difficulties in conflict resolution is second to none. Maybe you are familiar with circular conversations, anger, not feeling heard, or general unproductive conversations with some people. Usually it is the people that we care about most that we can have the hardest time communicating clearly with, because it is the people we love the most that we let in to our hearts and minds, and they can hurt us the most as well. I would like to share a story of what has happened with a conflict i have had this past week with a woman I will just call V who has been staying with me. I want to share about how difficult it was to communicate, and how NVC helped to bring us back together just before she left for good. If we only all knew how to listen, what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to phrase sentences in a none violent manner.. the world would be a totally different place!



The little ones are already beautiful

Greetings, my dear Earthlings. The difference is beginning to be seen, since the banana plants are already beautiful, so that work that has been done in the field looks a lot, most have hit, which makes me happy, because in the middle of summer (one of the hardest time of year for plants) and even so the percentage of bushes that say they are going to the future is high, of about 180 only about 20 are delayed, and yet very few I think they are going to dry up, the work It has been hard: Watering from the river (just a puddle of water that remained), as well as taking out a hose to pass it to a place where it will be useful and we will do the work of taking the water to where several neighbors need it, although it remains to move and connect it and also bury it in that place where it will now remain stable.

Saludos, mis estimados terrícolas. Ya se comienza a ver la diferencia, ya que las plantas de bananas, ya están bonitas, así que luce mucho ese trabajo que se ha dedicado en el campo, la mayoría han pegado, lo que me alegra, porque en pleno verano (una de la época del año más duro para las plantas) y aun así el porcentaje de matas que dicen que sí van al futuro es alto, de unas 180 solo unas 20 están retrasadas, y sin embargo muy pocas creo que se van a secar, el trabajo ha sido duro: Regar a tobos desde el río (apenas un charco de agua que quedaba) además sacar manguera para ir pasándola a un sitio donde si va a ser útil y nos hará el trabajo de llevar el agua hasta donde la necesitamos varios vecinos, aunque falta moverla y conectarla y además enterrarla en ese sitio donde ahora va a quedar estable.


Still Saving & Selling Curbside Recycling - 9 Items For $1,685

Hey Hivers. It’s been a while.

As crypto rises, it’s been tougher to fire myself up to go outside overnight to hunt for stuff to sell, but I’m still grinding.

My next frontier will be buying two metal detectors to support day trips with friends. I’ve always had a passion for finding stuff, and have great memories of metal detecting on property I grew up on, where the farm house was built in 1870.

In an effort to get myself plugged back into the Hive, here’s my first post of recent recycled sales in a while, as I’m sitting on a park bench overlooking the water on a sunny afternoon.

The formatting may be basic from my phone, but I’d rather post now while I’ve got the motivation.

Some recent sales...

Artist-signed 1955 Hungarian Porcelain Matador & Bull:

  • Sold for $200 cash for an art installation.
  • Miraculously found as is wrapped in a tablecloth in a black garbage bag with others.
  • The artist will let me know where it’s installed so I can hopefully see it on display.
  • 11” long and nearly 3 pounds.
  • They sell for up to $450 online, but I didn’t want to risk shipping it. I gave up some profit by selling it in a local marketplace.
  • I wanted to keep this for the bull run, but it’s fragile and prone to damage.


Mind and body - Why we should make these a priority?

Well, not everyone is the same. I would say, many people these days are becoming conscious about mental and physical wellness. People are doing meditation, yoga, gym and what not. But we also have to agree that this modern lifestyle creates so much stress that our wellness can never be ensured.

That's the reason we should make our mind and body a priority! Let me explain a little bit more.

It's nothing new to talk about that wellness depends on both mind and body. A good synchronization is much needed to keep the balance. So if we focus on healthy eating and exercising, we should also focus on good sleep, self-care and more. Otherwise, if you compromise with one thing, your balance of wellness will be broken.

We face so many problem these days. Anxiety, sleep deprivation, anger, mood swing became very common. Also, we feel sleepy the whole day, all of a sudden feel hungry, feel lazy for the whole day. These are the side effects that we are not focusing on our mind and body.


The cat gets a bed upgrade & interest from a male suitor 😺

The kids noticed Fifi sleeping in her usual sunny spot the other day and decided to upgrade her bed very quietly without waking her up. It was fun watching them do this and it made a big difference to the usual noisy games!

They took turns to stand on the seat and arrange things carefully around her.


Fragrant plants (Rosemary, Lavender and Bee balm)

When entering a garden, the changes of smell can be quite enjoyable. I am trying to get some plants going that smell good too. Lavender was planted last year and honestly alot of it died. About half of them planted I do not think made it. But a few did, I think I will buy some more maybe a little bigger next time and see how they do. The ones I got were real small and maybe a little too young to be placed in the ground. Hard to say for sure what killed them, but just glad many survived regardless.

This plant and others shown in this post have a nice smell to them. Hoping as the grow larger and the suns rays hits the plants it will give the area a nice smell. Right now these lavender plants are only a couple inches tall so it may be a few years before I get some large ones that smell nice like my Jasmine vine when it flowers.


E#55 - The Individual Revolution - DZP

Hi all,
Last week I had some problems uploading to 3speak, so I hope this week it all works.
In this, unscheduled hiatus from our Drunvalo series, I continue with some final thoughts to finish up last week's episode.
How can we use the idea of narratives (which I spoke about last week) to better ourselves, and our environment?
What can we learn from artistic creativity and why is it so important today?
And how can all this help us live more freely as human beings on this planet?

If these questions intrigue you, then have a listen and tell me what you think.
Also, if you enjoy the show, it really helps sharing it with people you think might like it. We have a growing audience outside of Hive, and now with Aureal, I hope more people will use the blockchain for your podcasting needs.

Tthe show is available on all your podcast apps, search for DZP.

(Unsupported https://3speak.tv/embed?v=orlev/kxrzwbmy)


Raw vegan Marzipan balls recipe

I made these lovely treats with

1 and a half cups of ground almonds
1/2-1 teaspoon of vanilla (or other flavouring)
then add agave syrup till it forms a marzipan / dough texture
Roll into small balls and place in the freezer / fridge to cool

Meanwhile you can make raw chocolate or melt a 90 percent dark chocolate and coat each of the balls. I then pop an almond on the top and put in the fridge to set.

Super delicious and easy to make.



Facilitating off-grid sustainable living, local trade & commerce!
ecoVillages is a new paradigm in self sufficient building and living, based on empowered groups that live off-grid with little to no bills or debt using earthship biotecture. What lies at the core of ecoVillages is that it is a model that embraces decentralisation in every way. We make sure every aspect of life is as close to home as possible, and under an individual’s control!

Our primary goal is to facilitate others to build and live in the most sustainable way using earthship biotecture, to provide a lifetime of self sufficiency with almost no ongoing bills and maintenance. Our model begins in rural areas with a lot of land available at low cost. Our model is decentralised and so homes will be spread out with each person or collective owning their land outright, but are a part of a strong and supportive community.


How To Support This Vision

1. Delegate or donate to @ecotrain to support this project.

I would be very happy to hear your comments, and any enthusiasm you might have for such a project! When I ask for people to delegate to the @ecoTrain, THIS is the ultimate goal of your delegation. Yes we support the amazing people that are on Hive with it, but there is so much more.. Who knows... some of you may well end up living in this very community, wouldn’t that make the perfect ending!

2. Donate some of your post rewards or Hive to @ecotrain

If you post using the #ecotrain tag and receive our up-votes then please consider donating something to @ecoTrain once the post has paid out. In this way we can make Hive more quickly and secure the land sooner rather than later! Of course you can always just donate without posting using our tag, and we will use it to keep empowering the @ecoTrain and the people who support us.

3. Donate Bitcoin:

If you want to donate any amount of BTC to the cause please send it to the following address. Any donations will be used to ensure this project moves at high speed! We REALLY need your support and a little goes a long way! Currently we are building accommodation and resources for volunteers who come to help us for our earthship building workshops.

Please Send BTC To:


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