Question Of The Week #23 TIE UP POST: Blow The Whistle Initiative!


We asked you to blow the whistle, and wow did many of you blow! Thank you EVERYONE who took part, I know some of you were nervous to post at all.. and that of course was the point of this question! You have all given me more hope that more of us will start to speak out when we know truths that are important for everyone to know about. This world runs in secret meetings and agreements that no one knows about. Companies operate in a ruthless way, on a daily basis, and most people could not even imagine some of the things that happen in the name of profit. It is most unfortunate when our health, children, and education suffer as a result of alternate agendas and corruption. Therefore it was very good to see SO many posts on these topics, and see you shine a light on them from your own personal knowledge and experience. I have tipped most posts from the @ecoTrain account with around 20 Hive or more to show my appreciation for you posts on this QOTW. You guys are awesome!!!

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I've been wanting to write this week's QOTW earlier, and I was thinking about what to write. I had a few ideas, some cover more recent things, others older. But after reading something here today, and something I found on Facebook, I remembered something a friend told me the other day and I thought it's more fitting to what is going on at the moment.
I know I am late writing this but I still wanted to join in and blow the whistle...

What we have here is a power grab, and a corporate 'land grab'


I think.. by this initiative.. you will be able to know about different unexpected practices and works.

We always experience a lot of unexpected events.. but most of the times the situation remains beyond our control.. and we can't do anything.. just have to suffer.

I think.. by this initiative we will be able to release some of our pain.. and mental pressure.. by shouting out on whistleblowing initiative.

I want to say something about our country's economy.. not actually about the national economy.. or any organisation.. actually I want to discuss about the personal income and expenditure economy.


The voices of intelligence

When one is part of groups of certain power in any governmental or even private sphere, there are always aspects with which one does not agree, but one must follow the line of action dictated by the policy of the organizations, which form "trust" teams to protect them.
For a long time there have been confidentiality agreements between trusted personnel and bosses or high officials within the organizations that, inevitably, generate secrets. It is a way of operating with a certain degree of "consensual" manipulation, making sure to keep track and control of everything that is in their interests.
This week's question leads us through this mysterious tunnel to uncover certain aspects of "secrets" that help the spheres of power to remain inflated, operational, and isolated or inaccessible to any point or pin that might threaten to deflate them with the truth they misrepresent.



The first time is always the most memorable. This assumption applies to work as well. In between wrapping up my master's degree thesis which I later graduated with a distinction, I secured my first real corporate job at a well-known pharmaceutical giant. I was offered the role of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). To be honest, I was too green out of college to wrap my head around office politics.

For sure I knew a little about good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines but I was ill-prepared for what would be a huge challenge ahead. In fact, no amount of studying or street smarts could ever prepare anyone for that kind of office politics. In the supposed first six months of CRA probation, newbie will usually assist senior CRAs in their clinical trials so that one learns the rope quickly to become competent enough to handle a new trial on one's own. In my case however, it was a shockingly rude revelation.


I am blowing my whistle about a TV channel. Actually I don't know whether I should shout about a TV channel that had shut down about 7 years ago!

The channel was shut down due to another political reason, but most of the TV channel of my country still now continueing this bad practice, so I have decided to disclose my experience happened about 10 years ago while I was a graduation level student.

It was a student movement and I was infront of the movement, because I was an executive of the students.

No, I am not claiming that I was the main leader, but students selected me to deliver speech and to communicate with the journalists.

We had not any political parties in the campus as it is totally politics free and we all the graduation level students selected some students by erection an executive committee to conduct different discussion with the authorities about students welfare.

I was the first person of that committee achieving highest votes from the students. So that time the movement, I was on the leader role. It was a movement about the development of our campus.

There were a lot of problems in our campus as not having enough teachers, lack of classroom and many other problems. Actually on that the authority that means the government was not interested about enhancing the quality than increasing quantity of colleges.


don't know either my whistle can change anything or not. I am blowing my whistle about a very big issue. It's a national problem of my country. We all are just hostage. Let's go through my experience..

I am still now a student. I got married last year. My husband wished to have a child as early as possible. I never ignored his decision. So I conceived. On that time coronavirus pendemic has started on china. Day by day it spreaded all over the world. Even my country Bangladesh had affected from the March.

On that time our medical sector became collapsed. It was a very tough situation for the doctors. And for all.


El tema de la semana #23 de @EcoTrain movilizó toda la fibra de mi humanidad al pensar cuál era el tema ideal para alzar mi voz, podrían ser muchos pero decidí hacerlo desde el área en la que me desenvuelvo laboralmente en donde de seguro hay más que decir de lo que aquí voy a expresar. Vale destacar que mi relato es para que se conozca una realidad que he vivido y estoy segura son muchos los colegas que se verán reflejados.


This week's question moved all the fibers of my humanity when I thought about what is the ideal topic to raise my voice, there could be many but I decided to do it from the area in which I work where there is surely more to say than what I am going to express here. It is worth noting that my story is to make known a reality that I have lived and I am sure there are many colleagues who will be reflected.


What makes the poor different from the rich? Money, power, possessions, ...? is nothing more than knowledge: Financial Education. ¿Qué es lo que hace diferente a los pobres de los ricos? ¿El dinero, el poder, las posesiones, ...? no es más que solamente conocimiento: La Educación Financiera. The rich teach their children how to handle money - or at least most of them - teach them how to make money without working for it, and how do they do that? It's simple, but I'll explain it later. Los ricos le enseñan a sus hijos como manejar el dinero - o al menos la mayoría - les enseñan como ganar dinero sin trabajar por él, ¿y cómo lo hacen? Es simple, pero lo explicaré luego. Why are most of the poor still poor? The blame lies primarily with the educational institutions, but ... and why? The rich cannot be rich without the poor, that is why they do not want to open that door to the poor, the door to financial education, this causes the poor to go to school, to high school, to university and hope to be monetarily fruitful for their hard work and study, but in the end they do not succeed. The power of the rich over Education monopolizes the very essence of the goal of Education, making more and more schools, but this doesn't improve education, it corrupts it in a sense - or at least in my country - by involving the student even more in poverty, and this is because education has been getting worse, that is to say, by deteriorating the quality of the educational content, this with the goal of making us easier to control.


¿Qué es lo que hace diferente a los pobres de los ricos? ¿El dinero, el poder, las posesiones, ...? no es más que solamente conocimiento: La Educación Financiera.

Los ricos le enseñan a sus hijos como manejar el dinero - o al menos la mayoría - les enseñan como ganar dinero sin trabajar por él, ¿y cómo lo hacen? Es simple, pero lo explicaré luego.

Por qué la mayoría de los pobres siguen siendo pobres? La culpa recae primordialmente en las Instituciones Educativas, pero ... ¿y por qué? El rico no puede ser rico sin que haya pobre alguno, por eso ellos no quieren abrirle esa puerta a los pobres, la puerta a la Educación Financiera, esto causa que los pobres vayan a la escuela, al liceo, a la universidad y esperen ser fructíferos monetariamente por su arduo trabajo y estudio, pero que al final no lo consigan. El poder del rico sobre la Educación monopoliza la esencia en si del objetivo de la Educación, haciendo que cada vez haya más y más colegios, pero esto no mejora la educación, la corrompe en un sentido - o al menos en mi país - envolviendo más aún al estudiante en la pobreza, y esto se debe a que la educación ha ido empeorando, es decir, desmejorando la calidad del contenido educativo, esto con el objetivo de volvernos más fáciles de controlar.


Something which keeps coming up in my social media feeds are calls to get signatures to appeal to government for better protection of our natural habitats. Bear in mind that there are already quite a lot of protected areas and restrictions on deforestation, but despite this big corporations still seem to keep getting permission to go ahead and wipe out more wildlife habitat. So people put out more calls for more restrictions.

I once wrote a comment on one of these posts trying to explain that if people really want government to stop deforestation they need to make a better offer than the big corporations. You see putting in the requested regulations on deforestation benefits government if they can use it to regulate and fine small companies, because that brings in an income. It also makes the voters happy that they're doing the right thing, so that's a bonus. However, the really big corporations can offer way bigger incentives than measly fines to get government to allow them to clear land, so that trumps the regulations for the commoners and they'll override them. Not surprisingly, my comment was completely ignored or lost in the crowd.


I had to give this week's question some thoughts first.

This week @ecotrain asks us to blow the whistle. Where I'm lately one of the first people that enter the QOTW posts, this week I thought that I should maybe skip a week as I'm not comfortable on naming the names and possibly get a target on my back in the current situation. I wasn't too sure about how much I was willing to share to expose things. You need to know that one of the reasons that we plan on moving from here next year, is that I do not feel comfortable being in a country where I could possibly end up being caught in a political issue as a foreigner that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not long after we moved here, it was clear that corruption is a huge part of the economy here, friends of the government top "players" always benefit financially for example.


We all yearn for the best for our children, and since they are small we are already thinking about the future they will have to live, and in search of the path of good for them, we include them in growth experiences, it can be something of a sporting, linguistic, cultural or musical, among others, one arrives at this new stage with the best expectations, hoping that this experience will contribute to the strengthening of the values that the child has acquired at home, but reality sometimes surpasses fiction.

My hope In an effort to improve my children's present, I enrolled them in a public music school. A large number of low-income children (including my own) attend this free space, and my heart began to expand from happiness feeling that many would benefit from that institution, learning an art is a way to approach spirituality and to get away from the evils of the street, from the vices, at least a large percentage of them can be rescued even before they take the wrong path, and I was happy to belong to the movement that "should promote human values".


Being involved in a con and knowing about an ongoing con might just about be the same thing and I'll tell you why. Information is power and the power of knowledge can buy freedom and change the complexity of an event in many different ways. We live in a world where huge and nefarious activities are constantly taking place on a daily basis and truth is that majorly you'll find good people at the center of bad things and some of the reasons why good people keep quiet when they find themselves in a situation where they could blow the whistle and set their conscience free is because they might be threatened; a threat to their life, a threat to their family or even a threat to their livelihood. When these basic things are threatened it stops good people from become natural whistleblowers even when money isn't involved


Credit to @ecotrain, the logo of the contest that I grabbed.

I had been telling you all about my life since I started joining the blockchain. I am so vocal to open my experiences from home and here in my workplace based on what I observed.

Today, seeing the question of @ecotrain is very intriguing, and willing to share what I had been blowing the whistle before.

Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country. At first, I had no ambition of coming here but destiny brought me not knowing that I found myself comfortable living for two decades.

In the first two years of living here, I appreciated how people live in abundance. I also loved how they gave the secrecy to all-female and not showing their posture in public. I thought people here were all highly respected and proud of being a part of this society. I thought that there was no fouled and indecent behavior of the people but I was wrong after finding some mysterious action from the expatriates who abuses.


This week I was so in AWE of a new hero, retailer Harry Hutchinson, who opened up his clothing shop in Melbourne DESPITE Covid-19 restrictions in Melbourne. You see, draconian laws mean that you can be fined up to 10,000 dollars for opening up your store. But that wasn't good enough for Hutchinson. Utterly fed up, he opened anyway. To their credit, Melbournians (in the 5 km zone they were allowed to move in) flocked to his store, buying what they could in support of his move. His online clothing went gangbusters, and he sold nearly all his online stock. People were buying things and leaving them behind - just giving him money in support of what he did.

Dubbed as a 'retailer rebel', Harry was greeted by the police and politely fined over 9,000 dollars.

Now, you could argue that if everyone had to stay shut, so should Harry. The laws are there to protect us.

But, what about Aldi and Coles and Australian hardware mega retailer Bunnings? They can open. You can pop to K-Mart for clothes, homewares and fishing gear, or to Woolworths for bananas, but your local green grocer or clothing retailer aren't allowed to open. There's a whole heap of restrictions in place that disallow the little guy, whilst the big companies seem to be doing just fine.


As A Working Student...

In my mind I always thought of thinking as an Internal Audit staff policing the company´s Accounting and Compliance system... at least, that was my first job as a working 20 year-old student. I was hired by the Controller of a Group of Companies as one of their auditors. I worked there while finishing my studies at night and continued to work for about 7 years. When I left, the people I audited in different departments are still my friends until now, always reunited when I´d go back to visit my relatives in Manila.


For this week @Ecotrain 's question it is not really a question but it is an initiative -

The "Blow The Whistle Initiative"!

They are asking us to blow the whistle on something or someone and reveal a secret!

See the details here

I'm covering the topic of education, having worked in the school system for 15 years.

I worked in the Pre-K "Play and Exploration" program, a child centered program which was all about introducing the children to new experiences and scaffolding them to new levels.

It was disappointing to see the changes in the children as they go on to the regular school grades where it is all about the curriculum and is geared for preparing them for the workforce, not in bringing out the greatest potential of each and every child which I believe is what true education is all about.

It was bought to my attention that even to bring reforms and changes to the curriculum and such, it takes years because of all the bureaucracy. This makes it very hard to keep up with all the changes happening in the world that school is supposibly preparing the children for.

I find it sad to see the children stifled and pushed into a mold, loosing some of that enthusiasm for learning.


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