🥰 QOTW S7#4 TIE UP POST - What do you need to let go of?


Hey beautiful people! You know, sometimes curating the QOTW is like getting an education! Each week i ask myself how will you answer this question.. and will you find a way to dig deep and share what’s really going on.. Each week you step up to the plate, and this week your posts were all so inspiring and with so much heart and feeling!!!.. You share so much experience, but also SO much wisdom and great love and light. I have to say, one day i must visit Venezuela because so many of your posts in particular shine, despite what hardships you have endured. You know who you are... <3

So thank you ALL for your amazing responses. As always, i have copied one sentence from your posts to give us all a quick taste of what you think. You can follow the link to read the entire post and check out and follow any people that you really like! The ecoTrain community is growing and new people are coming and posting each week. So have a nice scroll down and see what we all thought!

Have a beautiful day!

I'm realising all my negativity, is actually deeply rooted in my childhood traumas.
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Living without attachments to people or material goods is the best way to live in full freedom.
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I focus on letting go of what hurts my spirit and my life, my emotional and psychological health.
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What do I want to let go off? It's simply my ANGER
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We all must learn three things what things to let go, when to let them go and how to let them go.
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prayer, silence and contact with nature were very helpful, then conscious breathing. Then reading, writing, photographing nature, positive affirmations, and more recently meditation.
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Having the wrong people around" this needs to be let out.
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I have refrained from doing many things in my personal life just to not have negative thoughts.
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My ego is the one most immeasurable thing that needs to be let go of.
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A book made me realized how my actions and thought has been my hindrance, so I'm working on myself to see that I let it go completely and embrace all the blame.
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Letting go can be difficult, all around me, the media, the society is reeking with negativity and sometimes this influences my assertions of uncertainty, and it sours my mood.
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I need to let go of my fears and be more confident to face any changes I may encounter in life.
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The answer is MY FEARS. They say fear kills faster than a sword.
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What i need to let go include Anger, Bitterness and Unforgiveness
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Realizing what those unnecessary weights are and getting rid of them can open the doors to a happier life.
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Unforgiveness is one my biggest challenges ever, it is very hard for me to forgive people that have done bad things to me;
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1. Dependency on social media 2. Lazy habits that are holding me back 3. Unrealistic exceptation 4. Procrasting on important things 5. Fear of failure 6.Insecurities 7. The idea of perfect life.
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I want to let go of the memories that are my weakness and leave a brand new life.
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Letting go is a must in our life if we must grow to become better persons in life.
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If we find that we are being kept down by something that we never experienced conclusion on, then, at that point acknowledgment of that circumstance is the solitary course forward.
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There are many things in my mind that I really want to let go of seriously ☹️ financial freedom the job 😉 few peoples the internet family things.
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Anger, toxic people, negative thoughts, procrastination, and worries.
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Procrastination. should have been number one in my list. Although it is also a work in progress, but I really need to let go of this completely. The solution I gave to myself for this problem is me always telling myself that, my time is now, if I can do it today, there is no need keeping it till tomorrow
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Another thing I need to let go is the act of fear. I don't know if I actually have it but still I feel I have some amounts of fear of rejection.
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When I stop complaining, I feel more positive. 🙂 Slow down and enjoy life in simple ways
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The thing I want to release is being emotional. I love my friend too much but she forgotten me and I was affected. It caused me so much pain.
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Limiting thoughts harassing,
deafening of life
empowered by the mind
of the one who gives it power

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I really work in my inner being to forgive daily, but when I see those people, my blood boils, it is something I have to let go.
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Over time, I have found that one of the most important things for me and my well-being is the feeling of gratitude, being present in the moment and feeling of connection with myself and the Universe.
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