ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST: IS LIFE FAIR?

WoW everyone.. What an amazing response from more than 40 people!! Your responses were wonderful, personal, and honest. I love that and enjoyed reading all the post that i have read!.. i still have a few more to check out so please do excuse me for not yet commenting on everything.. I think next week i need some help curating :) The way i like to tie up our posts lately.. and especially when there are so many... is to pluck out a few words or quotes from each post and share them for everyone to scroll through and get a feel for what we all said. Everyone's post has a gem in it, so its a great way to see what the ecoTrain community thinks!

So thank you again, an incredible QOTW! So many pearls of wisdom to see below! Thank you ALL for taking part... Have a beautiful week ahead..


What is fair will always be that which does not harm others
read more: @joseph1956

I believe in karma. The results are the same as the way we work.
read more from @mrarhat

It is hard to accept that life is an eternal roulette made up of moments that can be bad and moments that can be good, with an infinite range of grays where nothing is perfect.
read more from @gabrieladifazio

Freedom, fairness, equality, respect and morality are the most important values ​​that define justice. Many times we wonder if we have been fair or not with our actions. Or if others have been fair to us. Within the families the initiative must be born to discuss whether there is justice among the members, or if in some almost undetectable way we are being very unfair to some of them.
read more from @creacioneslelys

Do I believe in Karma? Yah! I believe this word. Honestly, what we do now will pay off in the future! That is the reality.Honestly, what we do now will pay off in the future! That is the reality.
I read a summary when I was a child, because a boy did not have shoes on his feet (the boy's family could not afford to buy shoes) he thought life was unfair and went out on the street in grief. But after going some distance, the boy noticed a man sitting there who had no legs. The boy thought to himself, I don't have shoes so I think life is unfair. But the man has no legs but he is thinking of his life is fair and is smiling. The boy forgot the sadness of the shoes and thought his life was fair because he had leg.
read more from @kawsar8035

We are the ones who carry out the actions of justice or injustice. We are the ones who tend to be unfair to others and in the same way we are the ones who can be affected by the unfair actions of those around us. Enough of blaming "life" for the consequences of our actions.
read more from @kattycrochet

Even after all the knowledge one possesses still there are times when we will come to this conclusion that Life is Unfair. I do feel it when I see small Children in helpless situations. Be it whatever Karma or effect but when someone is in a state of helplessness it feels very unfair for life to give back effect at that stage. But then we as humans cannot always understand the functioning of our Grand Creator and all we have to do is use our free will to decide how we want to live this Karma and surrender.

Nothing in the Universe or in our Life is happening outside the rhythm, the Universe is constantly working on harmonizing these keys and create that perfect tune for us. In the bargain many things are happening. Like the tough teacher who is hard on the student sometimes for the student to excel and outshine and perform at best capability.
read more from @nainaztengra

Life is unfair, no one gets equal treatment. A graduate with a first-class honor may never be presented with an opportunity to practice what he studied, while another may become the CEO of a big firm. The poor become poorer despite their level of hard work while the rich become richer doing little or nothing at all.
read more from @dwixer

Here are some things that are helping me with the entire 'Is life fair?' question and everything that comes with it: Giving up the victim mentality, Accepting the fact I might never find answers to some big questions, Switching my focus from the things I can't control to the ones I can, Learning to surrender and have faith, Staying grateful and being present in the moment.
read more from @nikolina

It is good to always keep in mind that life is only one and it is not about doing things right or wrong, justly or unjustly, it is about knowing how to enjoy every single moment and only remembering for good the moments that leave you breathless. That life is beautiful, that life is ugly, that life is bad, life is life, and it is up to one to know how to live it.
read more from @mau189gg

I learned to breathe, I learned to value, I learned to observe, I learned that everything happens. Good things happen and bad things happen. I learned that friends are not defined by quantity but by quality. I learned that fair and unfair can be defined according to your criteria of what is important or not for you.
read more from @leslieebano

We must accept that the road we have to travel will not always be fair and beautiful, that we will encounter many injustices, many obstacles that we will have to overcome as part of the process of our growth as human beings. Although it pains us to admit it, injustices are part of the process of life and do not always have such a simple reading to qualify them as unjust. read more from @geeklania

Little kids ignore the most of the things they have gotten over one little thing they did not get and yet they complain and feel they have been treated unfairly.
read more from @starstrings01

Emapathy is a human value that many people hasn't nurtured and sometimes when we look at life, its typical of us to see things and situation that should move us to compassion this is how we know that generally nothing is fair about life, we can make a difference especially if we find situations unjustly favourable to us, we can level the playing field and allow a certain degree of equality between us and people that life has treated rather unfairly.
read more from @josediccus

I don't think I have really come to a point in my life that I truly think life isn't fair. And I can't measure if life is indeed fair to me or not. All I know is that everything that happens, happens for a reason, and whatever we go through in life, our trying times is for a purpose, and if we truly don't let our guards down we might discover later in the nearest future why those things happen to us.
read more from @zanoz

Why life is so unfair to me? There are bad people there who became successful, There are people who were less effort but their life is more than luxurious life. I'm not jealous or even complaining what are those situations. I am just supposed to be expecting more goods thing after all those sacrifices but what I did is not yet enough and not the best. It turned out nothing.
read more from @olivia08

But when I look at life overall, at the way in which we choose to navigate our way, I can not say that it is unfair. Because to me, life really is all about what you do with it, how committed you are to living. Living and not just surviving.
read more from @trucklife-family

We have been raised in a world, where things, where stuff matters more, than our well being. A slave to this capitalistic world, one that has us drunk on advertisements and addicted to seeking recognition from those who have no real interest in our lives.

For me, Cristina, life is fair or unfair depending on the eye with which you look at it or the experiences you have, in addition to the degree of maturity you have, because as I mentioned in my previous population we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are, that is, every human being sees life and events in a unique way.
read more from @actioncats

Life is not always fair so never expect it to be. Your situation may be bad but there are others with worst conditions than yours.
Never say life is fair when things are going well with you and when it isn't you think life is unfair.
If we all had what we wanted within the tips of our fingers then I don't know if truly we can define Life for what it is.
read more from @zellypearl

The death of Ini Umoren isn't the only thing that could make one feel life is unfair, what of a case of a newly wedded couple dying on their way home;
What of a woman dying along side her child after delivery;
Oh what of fore outbreak;
Or plane crash;
I could count and count but in all we have to experience the bitter and good side of life.
It doesn't mean God loves the other person than you, that just how it was meant to be😑😑😑

read more from @glotokens


I do believe that a smile can relieve another person, that if you give a smile you can return it, that if you smile the world smiles with you, I believe in people who have a good heart and often lack affection, lack of affection, lack of forgiveness with themselves and life is hard for them, they do not know how to live it and if each of us contribute that grain of sand in smiling more, in helping others more I think that life would be better for all of us on the planet
read more from @yolimarag

If some people can reap massive rewards for minimal effort, while others put in long hours to years of hard work, literally only to get by, how is that fair? If those with access to power, resources, and ideas have the possibility to improve something to everyone's benefit, but they chose to piss it away, or worse, reduce ways for others to become creative and independent, that is clearly not fair! How many potential Einsteins and Curies are wasting away on garbage dumps or chained to brothel walls? Don't ask me, but looking at our world, I'd say there are too many! And no, it's not fair by any means!
read more from @stortebeker

You are where you are only because you have decided so. You are who you are because you yourself have walked the path that has got you where you are. It is nobody's fault, but your own responsibility. Of course, we must except those situations that are beyond our control and affect people's lives in general, such as natural disasters, war situations, or hostile actions of other people. So, if you want to make a judgment to answer this question of whether life is fair or not, whatever the answer is, it will be correct, but only for you.
read more from @fragozar01

Some say that your attitude during unfair moments is the key that determines if you are strong enough to endure it or not.
read more from @pashinni

For us to understand each other and also understand ourselves in this world it is important that we let go of our personal built-in ideas of life and accept that everyone thinks differently. Honestly, there are really no right or wrong way of living in this world, it's a case of people and different perceptions.
read more from @officialuroga

So my advice to us all is that:

  • We should choose to see the bright side of life even in our darkest time.
  • Stay strong and be prayerful that life should be fair to you, it isn't impossible.
  • Life can be fair to anyone who works towards it by being strong in the time when life is unfair.
  • No matter what you might be facing in life, so many have been there and they are living fine now so cheer up and fight your way out.
Life is Fair! Choose to see that

read more from @merit.ahama

Will you say that life is not fair when it tends to give the hard Working farmer greater harvest than the one barely goes to farm. The answer is NO as all of them got exactly what they worked for.
read more from @iyimoga

Those who hold a strong belief in the law of Karma are merely saying that whatever strength you put into something, is the same measure younger back.
If you do good, expect good in return. Humans only have to play a role in what gets back to them. What I am saying here is that you should act well on your part.
read more from @mrenglish

What could be more fair than a life that allows to choose the experience we desire simply by being a match to that experience? What could be more fair than a life that is a perfect match to our being?

I think life is more than fair.
Life is exquisitely awesome.

read more from @cliffagreen

Life is both fair and unfair. Nothing comes freely and you must work hard to make it yours. Life requires us to be patient for the good moment to come and when obstacles attack us, the best is to confront it confidently and don't forget to call unto God who is able to bring you out of any problems you are passing through.
read more from @princessbusayo

Even in our today society the voice of the poor masses are not heard anymore, when its time for election they go over to the slums and beg to be voted, and at the end of the day when voted to office they see us all as hungry masses, the same masses that he begged for their votes. life is not fair.
read more from @obrisgold1

Personally, I believe that Life being Fair/Unfair completely depends on the Time, Circumstance as well as Environment of a set cause.
read more from @arunava

No, life is not fair, life is just a serie of consequences, everything will be as it can to be, and we might consider it fair or not based in if we like it or not.
read more from @tsunsica

In reality, life is neither fair nor unfair. Our life flows as it is meant to. There is no master blueprint which dictates how life should proceed every second on earth for each of us?
read more from @steemflow

Life isn't unfair, it’s just that we all have different paths to take. Different problems to solve, different challenges to overcome. That is why the perfect person to compare with ourselves is not anyone else but ourselves alone.

Our dreams and desires may not be given to us right now but if we will only wait and perhaps work for it, then it shall be given at God’s perfect time. Or if it’s not the one we wished for, He will surely give you much better things than what you think you deserve.

read more from @long888

I believe everything happens for a reason, either a choice we made (or a choice we didn't make) and many of this choice were made unconsciously, so we don't get to see any wrong in our actions.
read more from @emmanuel.willy

I guess many of us are understanding the point I am driving at, "Life never gives you what you want, life gives you what you need" and it is your choice to either move along feeling battered and defeated or make use of that moment to it's fullest because we may never have the opportunity of walking in that season again. Whatever your choice is determines if life is fair or unfair to you.
read more from @evegrace

We must, and more so now with the reality we live in, find the unexpected beauty in the things that happen to us, we can falter, we are human, but we must not let ourselves be guided by negativity, selfishness, bad intentions, gossip, stress, impotence, we must not put life as a scale: if it is fair or not fair; I prefer to think that we should focus on doing the right thing and be grateful for what we have.
read more from @vida-blanca

Life teaches us to live between the duality of good and evil, in other words between lights and shadows, I think this is an unavoidable part of our existence, we always want good things to happen to us at all times. However we are not exempt that eventualities happen to us that affect us and that is when we say ***life is not fair ***.
read more from @evev

I personally believe that the most unfair part of life is the ability to love, yes the ability to love,
read more from @maiu

This life is unfair. It's also unbelievable. We often hear of human right, yet we came to be humans without being allowed to choose any country of our choice. neither do we get to choose the day we would be born. Death also has a ridiculous way of announcing it's thing. It comes like a thief and steals our soul away.
read more from @kenechukwu97

It is fair by giving you the opportunity to see the sun, the immensity of the sky, the sprouting of a tree, the seductive red of a flower, to feel the breeze, to listen to the birds, life is fair by letting us participate in it.
read more from @maykk

The dilemma comes in when we are the ones who respond to these circumstances and how we can enter into states of despair, frustration and constant stress. Seeing the positive side, which although many times is almost null and void and manages to be forgotten or drifting at the end of the tunnel turns out to be the greatest hope.
read more from @anart

Some of us may speak of Karma.,. but what is Karma? I once learned that Karma is how we react to our life and experiences and not what actually happens.

read more from @eco-alex










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