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Thank you to everyone who joined us this week! So many posts and so many different themes! It's nice to see how we can all find so many different things that are either being ignored or buried by the media and the politicians. There is so much going on in this world, and Corona truly is now probably the most minor issue facing humanity at this time. I didn’t manage to post this week although i really wanted to, but i am travelling. I would like to say that in my opinion MENTAL HEALTH wins hands down as the single most important issue we have to contend with. It continues to surprise me how our 'leaders' continue to ignore the plight of nearly everyone’s mental health, and almost no effort made to actually support and help people through these challenging times. In fact, they seem to do quite the opposite by simply doing whatever they can to protect their personal interests at the expense of just about everyone, who are forced and coerced to comply with nonsensical and even contradictory rules and regulations.

I cannot fathom why we have not seen some effort, such as media programs to help us cope, advice etc. It is clear to me that they do not care about us and are here to serve the State and protect its economy and boundaries at all costs.. Im sure most of you reading this will understand what I am saying, and yet in the public arena this is not being discussed at all by those who could do something about it.

With that said, there are of course many other issues that people are not talking enough about! I would like to share a few special posts below from the ecoTrain community. There are posts that touched me, and spoke about topics that i also believe are very important!

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There are, many things that I am passionate about and they all tie into us living our lives freely, about having choices and choosing ones that benefit us all. And one thing, that is at the heart of freedom, is ........


I want to hear more people talk about Love. To share what moves them, what inspires them, all the things that empower us. Last year, I had my first foray, into Spoken Word and I experienced first hand, how powerful it is, how our words can really move and inspire people.

Connection is something that is greatly missed at the moment, for so many people. Yet here we are all connected by this platform, give the opportunity to communicate and connect with people right around the world. And right now, as we navigate our way through this transition, what better way to do it, than from a place of love.



The campaign on mental health has been on since the 90's but yet the rate at which people die of conditions relating to mental health is still increasing up until today.

Then, there is this generation which is my generation who do not believe in going through the process. All they want is the result.

In my country, you hear crazy things people do to get money just to avoid the process of doing things the right way.

Some weeks ago, I decided to mentor some people on hive. This was because I felt a lot of people would benefit from being on hive and also because doing this makes me happy.

To my surprise, a lot of them were expecting to make a hundred dollar without putting in any effort.

It was really saddening.

Another thing happened.

I visited a friend and she was like she wanted to make money be it legal or not.



To speak, to express oneself, to converse, to manifest in short, the human being has several characteristics that make him unique one of them is the power to speak, the capacity of language, that other beings do not possess it or at least not in the same way in which we do it, but for that reason we do not always know how to communicate or express ourselves correctly or in an efficient way, being social beings and establishing bonds of friendship and affection with other living beings, many times to avoid conflicts and even discomfort we tend to keep quiet about some issues, avoid them, disguise them, among others, but that over time in my opinion is a time bomb.



In this time of pandemic that has forced the world to lower its head in the face of designs that escape normal control, another evil has been triggered globally, the diaspora, so free and natural in ancient times, as fenced in and condemned today.

Whether we like it or not, the uncertainty and fear of contagion suffered from the changes imposed by the Covid pandemic and the social distancing, have made us be others, being still the same in the background.

The basic and acquired needs are imposed and the desire to improve the conditions of life derived from the socio-economic and/or political circumstances in many countries have created a scourge that discomposes the spirit when contemplating the viralization of scenes of xenophobia as cruel as unjust for all those involved.

Many borders, from containment walls, have evolved into battlefields where one side struggles to enter a country where they do not want to receive them due to multiple factors that it is not the case to discern in this short writing, and another side rejects with hostile and vexatious methods those who, by dint of living badly or surviving in their own countries, prefer to expose their lives, as is the case, in full development, of what center-south-American and Caribbean migrants are suffering when trying to cross the borders of the United States.


t may seem obvious (or does it?) but the one thing that people do not like to speak of or even think about is death. I said it and now you probably want to run away and hide. A little?

Sometimes, in a movie, some panic-monger cries out dramatically, "We are all going to die!" and we, the audience, are on the edge of our seats because we wonder whether they really will die or not. Spoiler alert: they will die, but maybe not during the movie.

When I was three, and, oddly, my memory goes back that far, much of my understanding of the world came from movies that I watched with one of my parents. I watched Westerns with my father and murder mysteries with Mom. It was the 70's, and they did not worry about whether these were appropriate viewing for a three year old. I did not mind, of course.



I think we're not talking enough about how to to the basic things in life well.....

By this I mean issues surrounding how we grow our food, meet our basic energy needs, build our houses, get from A to B, manage our waste, I mean really BASIC STUFF.

I think this is because we are born into a society, for those of us born into the UK, where all of this is done for us - or rather where the 'normal' means whereby we meet our basic needs are through market systems - which largely means letting large Corporates deal with meeting our needs and we just pay them for a convenient way of accessing the end product.

We buy food in a supermarket, for example, and don't talk about the food chains which supply that food, rather our conversations are about which supermarket to shop in, when in reality the processes behind them are largely the same.

We buy a house on the market with a mortgage, and our conversations are about what the best mortgage rates are not about how to live off-grid much more cheaply.





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