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Reflecting on the proposed topic, inadvertently, my mind related this request more to the beautiful journey one travels as a living being on the planet powering the wheel of life, rather than describing pinnacle moments about the parenting experience. Perhaps, because, we are all children and not all are parents, although that does not explain why, because I have had the privilege of enjoying the Blessing of bringing children into the world since I have two offspring.

Nevertheless, I was born to develop the question of the week by going through the cycle of life capturing each stage, as I see them, according to my experience and intuitive processes, by naming the publication:

The wheel of life
What energizes the human being also allows him to be born, to grow, to reproduce, and to die when the time is right to return to the original connection with the Universal Supreme Being, whatever it is called according to the prevailing culture, to replenish and return. The divine spark activates an accumulation of power that man treasures in his interior and many times are unaware of, but it is part of his essence, of his being.

Nevertheless, man, conscious of the power insufflated by God within him, recognizes, values, and honors his beliefs as part of his growth and development as a biological being and as a spiritual being.

Voluntarily, I add my individuality to a collective whole that dwells in everything and everyone, which only needs to be invoked with creative thought to manifest.

The energetic connection through thought not only provides me with a conscious and loving penetration with my inner self but also enables the expansion towards kindred spirits, forming a family network that enlarges the soul.

I believe that we are born into the family nucleus that corresponds to us by choice and affinity and, likewise, the children we bring to life. Our children are the fruit of our growth and need as constantly evolving souls and come to give us the opportunity to see in other traits of ourselves, a kind of extension of our DNA and our ingratiation with the world and, at the same time, to reinforce the treasured wisdom by exposing it in the process of nurturing unique, unrepeatable and valuable beings.



Amazing things about kids and parenting

Hello everyone I'm really excited to be a part of this challenge because it's a very emotional and also interesting topic, although I'm a newbie in this community I feel welcomed and very comfortable already.Being a parent has always been a thing I envision and how fulfilling it will be(I'm not a parent yet but I honestly can't wait for that day to come).
Kids are the most valued gift from God ( for most people) and the love of a parent can never be over emphasize at least I can tell by the way my parents love me, but it can also be a very challenging job for the parent, in this post I'll be giving five(5) amazing kids and parenting.

#1 unconditional love: The love/bond between a parent and child cannot even be explained. Hearing them laugh, unending complains,sweet kisses, tiny hugs, the joy in their faces when you go to pick them from school and how their eyes light up when they receive that special gift they've always wanted, these memories always have a special place in our hearts and the love never dies no matter the conditions.



Having two brothers who are 13 and 12 years older than me, I became an aunt for the first time when I was almost 22 years old. Sharing a house with my parents, one of my brothers, his wife and kids wasn't always great - we have our differences, argues and disagreements but it also brought me a lot of amazing memories, especially watching my niece and then nephew grow, being present in their lives since they were born until now when I am finally in the process of moving out. My other brother who has three kids now, lives abroad with his family and I was so happy when they got to visit this summer after two years due to Covid.

With that being said, here are 5 amazing things about kids and parenting from my perspective as an aunt of five:

1. Watching a new life being created and growing into a young human being

I guess this is even more intense when you are the parent but for me it was so impressive to look at the newborn, wondering what kind of child it would become. When all of my nieces and nephews were babies, it was kind of weird almost to think about them walking, talking, reading, going to school and stuff like that, but time goes by fast and all these things come so soon. I still stop sometimes to appreciate how much they have grown and all the things they are doing now, according to their age and I am so proud of all of them.



Having a child is one of the best thing that can happen and raising up a child is one of the toughest job of the world. Parenting should definitely not be taken up so casually, because the efforts put in raising up a child will determine how that child grows up into adulthood.

I believe Children are the most precious treasures and they should be nurtured with lot of warmth, love and care. My son is grown up now but still there are times when he needs me and he wants me to be around him. This bonding of a parent and child never ceases, it is one of a lifetime, and the quality of time parents spend with their children in their childhood days will set the base of this bonding. The journey is fun as well as tiring but whatever it is, it is one of the best.

So today as per @ecoTrain QOTW, I want to talk about the 5 amazing things of Kids and Parenting, this is my own experience as a parent as well as I believe that this is general with all the kids.

Children are very innocent - This is true, their innocence reflects in their actions, it is difficult for them to identify between right and wrong, they go on what they see and that is where many people also take advantage of them, like the child abuse that happens. It is only because of their innocence that people dare to do wrong things with them. Hence it is very important for parents to make them understand from a very early age of what is right and what is not. While it is important to make them understand at the same time it is also important to keep that innocence going on in them. It is sad to see that the harsh conditions of life takes this away from them sometimes at a very early age.



I am quite sure God who said and the man who wrote this scripture wasn't missing a word when it wrote And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Kids like scripture say are gifts from God and as such, they are exceptional with overwhelming characteristics and that was why we all have seen in the above scripture that for one to be able to enter heaven, one has to change and become like the kids it shows the exceptional character they carry.

The same goes for parents, when one gets to the stage of parenting, both will begin to portray or exhibit most characters they never thought they had but because they are in their parenting stage, they develop those characters and that is what makes them parents.

The kid stage and parenting stage is a once-in-life stage and they are very crucial stages, that if not handled will rob the kids of those moments they are supposed to experience as well as the parents.



My first thought about this title was like "Parents would have fun with writing on this topic" but then, not being a parent doesn't mean one haven't seen how amazing kids are and the wonder works parents are doing to bring up a child. Listing just five amazing things about them is like taking 5 out of 100.

Five Amazing Things About Kids

I've always seen kids as unique beings, they grow so well and all cute that you'd never imagine them to grow stubborn or disobedient. Sometimes I wish kids don't grow up so they could remain cute and innocent. I'm not a parent yet but I've learnt about some amazing things about kids through my baby cousins.

They Are Innocent: Kids give cute faces, laugh stylishly when they do something wrong just so you don't hit them or shout at them. But when you ignore such and hit them, they cry so loud as if they did nothing wrong to deserve it. They also cry to the person who hit them for comfort, so innocent.

They Are Comedians: I can remember clearly the first dance my baby cousin did when she turned some months old, it was so funny that the whole house was laughing so hard. Kids can be very funny with their plays, sounds and even sometimes scare you in their baby way... Very funny if you could imagine...



Having children is a privilege, a blessing and also a responsibility, I believe that no one is fully prepared to have children, whether you are talking about money, psychological preparation, or whatever you want to think, but children are somehow the heirs of our thoughts, customs, traditions, so every father, mother and family must face their reality to raise their children, about children and parenting is the theme that brings us the community @ecoTrain (@hive-123046) for those who want to know more here I leave the link publication. So today I will tell you from my experience as a mother, about:

To summarize or talk about this topic in five things is complicated, but we also had to put a limit or we would never finish, so I will start with:

I have heard many people close to me and others not so much say that they will not have children or that they will not have more than one, because the world is a vile place, ruthless, a trash and I don't know how many other things, I myself at some point did not want to have children, but thank God what in the beginning was something unwanted, today is a blessing and the prince charming of my life, I would relive every moment just knowing that my son will be here with me, so do not close yourselves to having children or wait for the perfect moment, because it will never come and your values will not be able to cultivate or transmit them. They will be lost.





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