Did you know its' Mental health awareness month on Hive with Hive Buzz and @naturalmedicine leading this initiative? This QOTW supports this initiative and all posts will be eligible for great up-votes and rewards from the ecoTrain Curation as well as the OCD community initiative.

Mental health is a leading cause of distress in our world. All of our personal and public affairs are tied into our ability to connect, communicate, and deal with other people. In these modern times things are not quite as black and white as they used to be, and indeed to illustrate the point we even have our genders being further classified with Non-binary or gender-queer toilets now appearing in public areas. Global unrest and the low cost of travel has seen unprecedented numbers of people fleeing from countries that operate under oppressive regimes. We are more mixed up and muddled up than ever before, and our beloved internet has unfortunately not made things any easier. The internet gave us many things, and in some ways it levelled the playing field. Today anyone can achieve great fame and power with or without the aid of our outdated traditional media of TV and radio. We are able to hear ideas and opinions from every corner of the earth, and are exposed to more information and alternative ideas than we can really handle.

Mental health should be a focus by governments, if they really cared. Our society is in deep distress and grief. People cant let go, and have nothing to hold on to. Our future is very uncertain, and many families are now being denied basic human rights that allow us to live a health and natural life. Whatever the reason, humanity has been suddenly and harshly enslaved and imprisoned. Most people have no freedom left, and most people are not able to do anything about it. The frustration and anger that people hold as a result of being treated like a caged animal is causing many people very serious mental health problems. When we put the financial pressure of an economic collapse on top of this, we have a very dangerous and serious situation that can result in civil war and utter chaos. I hope that those who live in cities never have to witness that kind of violence, and if it starts happening, to be able to know when it is time to leave.

I think its fair to say that anyone who does not have some kind of mental health issues after everything we have been through, and especially of late, is either some kind of Buddha being or just very much in denial! How can you not have mental health issues if you have compassion and care and love for the world and the people who are living in it? How can you not be disturbed when you watch our entire planet get turned on its head by very weak and deeply corrupted people who govern us? Mental health issues are now a fact of life, and everyone needs to learn to recognise the symptoms of having mental health issues so that they can take whatever steps are necessary to resolve them.

Most people with mental health issues are unlikely to know it or even see it. Some people with mental health challenges do have actual medical diseases that need medical treatment, but these days they are often due to the intensity of our emotions. When we feel very emotional about something, because it's about a theme or topic that have challenged us over long periods of time, we also feel justified in these emotions. We feel justifiably angry, because we have not deal with our anger over so many years, and it has piled up until it just erupts. I am seeing people erupt all around me about a whole host of things. IT doesn’t really matter what it is about as it could be about anything, as trivial as who does the dishes, or as controversial as whether we are being sprayed with toxic mind altering chemicals from chem-trails?

Good Mental health begins with good awareness! To become aware of things that we may not want to see takes a willingness and desire to heal and overcome our pain. That is the prize that awaits those who do the work and look after their mental health. If we have that willingness to see things in a different way, and let go of our story in search of our real inner truth, we can begin our journey on being mentally healthy and balanced.

What to Write About?

You can write about anything relating to mental health. It could be a personal story, r you view of why we have mental health issues today. Perhaps some of the topics below will inspire you!
  • Start a well being activity in your local community and document it, taking positive action to address mental health issues - for example, a morning tea or a mindfulness session.
  • Encourage and invite people to share their journey over a meal or other shared entertainment - host a concert on Discord!
  • What is your personal experience with mental health, and what steps have you taken/do you take to manage it?
  • How is mental health addressed in your workplace, and/or how could it be managed better?
  • Do you believe mental health issues have been sidelined due to the pandemic?
  • How might exercise such as jogging or yoga help with depression?
  • What are the links between gut health and particular mental health issues?
  • What advice would you give to someone who experiences generalised anxiety disorder or any other mental health issue?
  • What research or studies or science shines light on mental health? A good one for #steemstem bloggers!
  • What food or diet helps or hinders anxiety disorders?
  • Is suicide amongst young people more common in these times, and what can be done about it?
  • What herbal remedies might assist in the management of mental health issues?


The Mental Health badge

Mental Health Month is an event which aims to reduce the discrimination against people living with mental illness and the stigma they endure, whilst promoting positive wellbeing in local and global communities.

The Hive Natural Medicine Community is very active in raising awareness of this important topic which impacts the lives of so many people.

We have been contacted by @naturalmedicine and @riverflows in order to create a new badge that will reward Hive authors who contribute and help to shine a light on sensitive and often underexplored issues, encourage others to open up, tell their stories and seek and give support during hard times.

This badge is slightly different from what you are used to. Indeed, it will not be assigned automatically according to the actions you perform on the blockchain.

To find all the information on how to get this badge, we invite you to read this post from @naturalmedecine.

You can also visit and subscribe to the Natural Medicine Community, where you will find many great related posts.

A tangible proof of your involvement in raising awareness about Mental Health!


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