Hard work and horses, almost done getting started.

Need that bathroom. I found some pictures of what we've been up to the last 6 days, no day of rest for the boss until everything is done, hopefully just a day or two more.


I haven't got as many pictures as I would like, mostly because I'm doing the work along side of 4 workers who have been helping me out, I don't really know any other way to lead. We fixed the road as we were bringing up material, 3 1/2 meters cubed of bagged sand, 480 of these hollow bricks.


We've also brought flejes up to the farm, not sure the english word for this:


I also got 11 tejas, I think that means roof.


That back bar snapped off on the way up, even though the support piece was welded in solid, the whole contraption was just riveted in, but luckily it was all well tied up and we made it. Add that to the list of things I need to fix on the car when I have time.

I'm still missing the cement and rebar, according to this list of materials from the guy who's going to put it together for me. Cement is last though, as I have learned my lesson before about hardening cement in this humid climate.


The delay has been the horsemen, who after putting me off thursday and friday, was too hungover to work saturday. His son felt bad and did show up, but only managed 1 load times 4 horses on saturday. Its expensive for me to wait him out with four employees, luckily there are a few other things to do still, but not much left after so much waiting.


Sunday went better, old Silberio brought 8 horses and we managed to finish the brick. The eight horses took a toll on our gardens and we are still not done yet.


Once I finish getting started, likely the constructor will take over, and I can settle in to an overseer capacity, and work out the enormous backload of other work I have on my list of things to do. The work will keep piling up for a few days more though, I can't take my eye off the ball on this one.

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