What changes would I like to see after COVID19? : My answer to the ecoTrain QOTW.


If I had to sum it up in a word I would say DECENTRALISATION! This past year I have been really realising the many ways that centralisation has failed us. The whole approach of centralisation is what has failed us. The repercussions of it on business, the economy, government, and just about everything else are evident in all our modern day problems, including COVID19.

We now have a unique opportunity to rebuild our world and they way we live. Please realise, it is up to YOU now, and not them to create your new world. They are too busy trying to prop up their failing system to be able to help you decide how to lead or change your lives.

So, the changes I would like to see happen after COVID19 are mostly related to a decentralized approach to the oh so many issues we have on our plate. Let me go through them one by one:

1. Local Economy

The greatest threat to our economy and world right now is Amazon! They represent the most centralised approach to business. They know no boundaries, and aggressively wipe out their competition without even having to try. They have SO much money and power that no one can compete. Its own success puts ever more pressure on people to use them to both sell and buy goods, as that is where the action is! The problems with Amazon are almost endless. It's aggressive about dodging taxes, and about getting everyone else to subsidize its inevitable growth through tax breaks is just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line is that Amazon suck the life and blood out of almost every city and country in the western world, in the form of money and low paid and very poorly treated staff. The money from the pockets of our economies are flooding out of every home at a combined rate of around $4,000 a second. They hoard their money and just drain our wealth continuously with least care for the people or environment as they do so.

It is SO easy today to share, trade, exchange, barter, and sell products to people who live near us. Many if not most products can be made locally, which would lead to a huge rise in novelty, real competition. new invention and creativity in all our products. The bigger the company, the worse our products get, and the more expensive they get. We need to create systems to trade locally, which CAN mean being in the same country as opposed to just your local city.

2. Food Production

We need to see huge incentives and effort by our governments AND US to ensure that we have enough food in our country to feed EVERYONE. The government can spent little extra money and yet provide a huge abundance of food production in public areas. Many side walks and residential zones are maintained by the local councils who plant many trees and maintain many patches of grassy areas. Instead of maintaining grass, or ornamental trees they should start planting fruits and vegetables that grow well in that area. They can launch incentives and flood the media with a new program of self growing food. Many people have gardens that produce nothing. Incentives to encourage people can be huge discounts on gardening related materials, and free seeds!

3. A reduction in overall travel

Our roads in most cities are not able to cope with the amount of cars that have been on them. The air and smog in our cities has been a huge burden on us all. The amount of unnecessary international travel, especially for simple meetings, is off the charts! Flying is CHEAPER than a bus or train in many instances, which is pretty ridiculous. I think it would be wonderful if we cut out most unnecessary travel, especially internationally but also within cities! How amazing will it be for those who do need to travel to not have to sit in ridiculous traffic every day for hours on end!

4. Creative Arts Through Digital Media

I wrote some time ago about how AI and robotics will mean most of us losing our jobs in the coming 30 years or so. This time-line has suddenly been brought forward. I believe we will see industry start using more robots than even before, and very soon. It is obvious why, if a factory can keep producing their goods even during a pandemic. If a robot can drive and deliver products globally!

The result is a great thing for a lot of people, at least right now. Many who have lost their jobs are being given free money, and even people who haven't lost their income totally are being given a LOT of free money. Most of the world is bored, and there has never been a better time to be relieved by entertainment and creativity. People who are gifted at comedy, singing, playing the guitar, are going to be fully appreciated as we all sit at home in our isolated digital world.

So what I would like to see, or rather expect to see, is a huge change in the amount and the diversity of all of our creative arts.. and the whole world can appreciate.

5. The END of Advertising on the Internet. The END of Fake News

One of the most terrible things in our world today, that causes SO much confusion and worry is Fake News. In fact Fake News has been going on ever since we had news in its modern form. Centralised, and all there to do whatever it takes to sell news stories or make us read them.

Fake news is now ubiquitous on the internet, and in every area too. Even stories about environmental issues are often exaggerated or totally made up, just to drive web traffic to their site. Click Bait is probably in the Oxford dictionary by now! Such a recent, but terrible practice of basically lying to everyone to waste their time on your web-page... All this of course to make money from the adverts that are on their pages. The bigger the lie, the more people will click and the more they will make.

Today, the whole internet is driven by Adverts. All they serve to do is either make us want to buy something inferior that we do not want, or else to make us feel bad about ourselves so that we buy more products, or even worse, to tell outright lies just to make money. We can no longer believe most of the news stories we read, everything is having to be labelled as fake news, even if it is not. There is just too much of it and we are overwhelmed. We have NO idea what is going on any more and this needs to end!

I believe that removing advertising completely will reduce fake news by a HUGE margin and will totally change the way this world operates, thinks, and feels.

I would like to be able to say that those are the most important changes I would like to see, but there are many more too. I think IF we can get these 5 points in place that the important of the other reasons will become much less. So, here are some of the other issues that I think would be improved if we make the above changes:

So here is a list of the most important topics that demonstrate how our centralised systems have failed us, and I believe must change

- Child Abuse / Foster Care Abuse
- The best inventions are withheld and suppressed
- Rampant inequality
- Climate Destruction
- Empty Seas/Overfishing
- Mental Health Crisis
- Planned Obsolescence
- Competition is thwarted
- Poor healthcare/medicines
- The high cost of living / rampant inflation
- No ethics in all areas of commerce and politics
- Poor Quality / Toxic Food
- Secretive
- Inefficient
- Inflexible
- High Taxes/Slavery
- Limits creativity
- Rampant Corruption
- Homelessness

As always, no one really knows what is going to happen next. I hope you have a safe place to be. If you live in the City i would urge you to think about whether that is a safe place to be. Can you grow your own food? Do you have any garden space? Do you own your own home or are you renting it? Now is a good time to evaluate your position in this world, and decide if it is now time for you to start considering all other alternatives and options.

Wishing you all the most positive changes for this time of silence and reboot. It is time for us to do things differently.

I leave you with a VERY special move that was just released yesterday , FOR FREE, by the one and only Michael Moore. It is called Planet of the Humans and is a powerful and disturbing watch. They haven’t over-dramatised anything, but have revealed the extent of the joke that our current green movement really is. Michael unearths the truth of how EVERY green power alternative we have depends on fossil fuels. He shows us how in the USA the new way is to burn trees for biomass energy production all over the country, whilst promoting it as renewable green energy. Please watch this and start to see how we have been totally fooled for so long. Even our most famous advocates such as Al Gore are shown to be not at ALL what we thought he was.

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs





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