📣 Announcement: ecoVillages Journal: The Earthship Tiny-Home Workshop & Build is ON!


The wait is finally over! This year in October we will start the construction of an Earthship tiny home in Penamacor, Portugal. This project is being led by myself and Jonathan Kalviac. Together we have decades of experience building Earthships and leading workshops around the world. This is a unique opportunity for you to join us for one day, one week, or the whole build! This workshop is an incredible opportunity to learn how to build hands on, as well as theory of earthship biotecture during classes and movies that we will hold during the workshop. Previous workshops have been incredible successes with hundreds of happy people attending and beautiful earthship built in a matter of weeks!

What makes these workshops such a great learning opportunity is that we are able to complete the main structure within just a few weeks from the start of building. Those who are able to commit to just a few weeks of time will learn all of the techniques and skills needed to build your own earthship. This includes tyre pounding, working with plastic and glass bottles, cob, plastering, bond beam, roof work and much more.

The design we are working with is based on a Fibonacci spiral and has been adapted to the hot temperatures of Portugal. It is our aim to demonstrate how to create an earthship that can perform well even in the harsh climate that we have here. We also aim to work on a minimal budget so that this can be accessible to all with a desire to self build.

These workshops are FREE of charge as our mission is to build, teach, and spread this knowledge to anyone with a desire to learn. We will only ask for donations toward food and tools which will be provided on site.

Register Your Interest / Reserve a spot!

We are finalising all the details of this workshop and need to determine the level of interest to help us plan. If you think you would like to join us then please comment below. This is not yet a firm commitment but simply to register your interest and to reserve a spot in the group. Once we finalise the dates we will ask for a firm commitment so that we can secure your spot in the workshop! Since previous workshops were all oversubscribed, we had to turn many people away. There is a strict limit on numbers due to safety and tool availability.

We will also be providing accommodation to anyone who needs.. There will be many options depending on your personal needs and budget.

I hope to see some of you guys down here! If its even possible!!! Currently borders with Portugal are open and relaxed...

More information at https://www.ecovillages.io

ecoVillages is a new paradigm in self sufficient building and living, based on empowered groups that live off-grid with little to no bills or debt using earthship biotecture.

What lies at the core of ecoVillages is that it is a model that embraces decentralisation in every way. We make sure every aspect of life is as close to home as possible, and under an individual’s control!

The ecoVillage Vision
"The need of our times"

Imagine a world where you were truly secure, relying not on the vulnerable and unethical model of modern capitalism, but instead on the natural intelligence and reliability of the forces of nature. Imagine leaving the city and joining a rural community, discarding the whole notion and concept of money as you know it, and instead embracing a new paradigm based on self sufficiency.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn’t have to play the game of success, being forced to sacrifice your life so that you can try to get ahead of your neighbour to survive in this modern world? Are you tired of the rat race? Can you see how unhealthy cities have become, the darkest most lonely version of the Orwellian nightmare manifesting right in front of your eyes?

Would you be interested to hear of a way to gain true freedom and security? A world where being poor is no longer criminalised, and where money barely even matters anymore. Then welcome to the ecoVillages Project!

There has never been a more ripe time for everyone to consider a new way to live. Millions of people have suddenly become unemployed, and our family security and future are looking very uncertain. We can no longer rely on the systems that held our world and our economy together, but we can rely on mother nature and her great abundance. It doesn't have to cost the earth to live comfortably, and we hope you will think about your future and how you would like it to look, both for you and your children.

This, right now, is your chance to be a part of a truly world changing opportunity.

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