Hello Hive family!

Hello Hive family!


It’s a beautiful day to connect together and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Hive Blockchain! I am known as Earthpurse on Instagram but on other social medias you may find me using these other handles: Cheryl, Mama KNF and Peterpan.


My discord profile picture, peterpan#4356

I used to be a beekeeper so I dig the name Hive as it is an inference to a busy bee community!

I was raised in Idaho and have lived here my whole life.

I have been self employed since 2014 as a handy woman doing odd jobs such as homesteading, landscaping, organizing and house cleaning.


I love gardening, building soil and communities. I garden in raised beds at home. Also, I co-manage a three acre farm at a church community garden and donate 20% of harvest to the food pantry for those in need.

Three acre farm!

This is where I met Chris Trump, a international sustainable Natural Farming instructor, who introduced me to Korean Natural Farming in 2017.


Since then, I have hosted Chris’ classes twice and I become a certified Soilsmith through his Natural Farming School. Because of this school I became a Level 3 Certified Korean Natural Farming Instructor through the CGNFHAWAII certification process, another Natural Farming school that also provides another way to get certified as an Natural Farmer.

Hosting Chris' classes and thank you note from Chris Trump

Certifications for CGNF, Level 2 & 3


Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii Incorporated – 501(c)(3)
Mission Statement:
The activities of the Corporation shall be those necessary and appropriate to accomplish the purposes of the Corporation as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, including but not limited to:

  • Encouraging and maintaining a spirit of cooperation among its members to aid the expansion of natural and sustainable agriculture using indigenous microorganisms and locally available agro by-products as espoused by Master Han-Kyu Cho.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho and fostering the importance of maintaining that integrity through instructor education using a mentoring model.
  • Pursuing education, research and promotion of natural farming methods and products on Hawaii Island, in the State of Hawaii and Worldwide.
    Fostering and maintaining a venue for the assessment and maintenance of quality natural farming practices and products promulgated by the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho.
  • Cooperating with State and Federal regulatory agencies for the overall welfare of natural farming practices.


Master Cho and I!

I have taught Natural Farming classes in various locations through out the United States, such as in California, Oregon and Florida. I am also still mentoring my previous Korean Natural Farming students as they pursue certifications in this amazing sustainable farming program that I have taught and still teach!




I have an Instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/earthpurse/, that documents all of my Korean Natural Farming inputs. I also post about my journies in Natural Farming in order to help others learn from my mistakes that I still make even as a teacher! I am always in the process of learning because I will never know it all and am only human, right? I wish to bring my Natural Farming content to Hive as well! This will be in an attempt to further my informative content and presence online.



On Facebook, I founded an alternative community there called Outside the KNF Box group where anyone can post their Korean Natural Farming, hügelkultur, Ruth Stout and Soil Food Web content. It has been great seeing what techniques everyone has to share!



I hear there is a cannabis community on HIVE called @canna-curate. We also happen to share Natural Farming applications towards cannabis cultivation there! Cannabis and natural farming goes together beautifully!


I am one of the founding members of the Boise Eco Village, which is based on Facebook. Boise Eco Village was created in 2014. We have been learning a lot about building communities. This has been a labor of love, that I treasure with all of my heart.

There has also been an amazing attorney volunteering for our community, her name is Kelsey. She specializes in Law for Conscious Leadership, which is a boutique firm supporting social enterprise and collaborative culture with a compassionate focus on law and policy, community building, and education. I helped write the by laws of Boise Eco Village with her, which are based on the methods of Sociocracy. Kelsey has spent years to help myself and our community in creating something that has never been done before! @dynamicgreentk has told me there is a conscious community on Hive called @abundancetribe ran by @kennyskitchen aka @kennysgaminglife he might find this person of value!



I love helping my local community in Idaho in many ways such as, working year round with the local Idaho sheriff's department. While working with the sheriff's department, we help teenagers aged 12-18 who have had troubles with the law. We provide a safe space, guidance and education in a garden for these youths.


I also cohost a international weekly show called Ask any Korean Natural Farming Question on a voice application for Android/iOS called, Clubhouse. Here we have open and honest conversations about everything Korean Natural Farming in real time with people from all over the world, in a voice chat compacity that happens every Wednesday @ 2pm Mountain Standard Time. Perhaps, I can bring this community to a discord server based on Hive such as @dreemsteem's discord, Dreemport? This will help me onboard this community to Hive I think! I have also been invited to speak in other clubhouse rooms such as The Future Cannabis Project's room. Future Cannabis Project is a notable project for cannabis online!



Thank you for reading my Introduction post for Hive and making it this far! I look forward to learning how to connect and contribute to the Hive community in positive and loving way.

I thank you, @dynamicgreentk aka @dynamichivers, for onboarding me to Hive! I look forward to connecting and growing with the community of HIVE!

Mush love,

Cheryl M. aka @earthpurse1


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