The backyard got some plants

We still have a week left of cold and wet weather in Eugene, Oregon. Normally, people wait until Mother's day (May 5th or so) to plant outside in this area and with lower than normal temperatures I have been telling my buddy to wait until Mother's day to plant anything. Due to his schedule and general anxiety he decided to go ahead plant sooner than he probably should. So off to the local farmer's market we went to grab some tomato, onions, kale, spinach, strawberries and more as well as a trip to a local dispensary to get some cannabis clones.


The Mountain View booth at the Eugene Farmer's market



One happy retired rock n roll roadie!

We also made a stop at Down to Earth Organics to get some Mycorrhizal Fungi. This is a beneficial fungal root inoculum I insisted he get and use for each plant he transplanted.


I wanted to wait for many reasons to plant anything out here and waiting for the cover crop seeds like the clover to sprout and take hold was one of them. It is cool though as I am trying to just be the microbe guy and gently provide support for this wild rock n roll roadie in his garden. It is funny though, he keeps asking me where to plant things, what to buy etc. I helped pick out the cannabis strains ( Mango Kush, Forum cut GG4, Forum cut GSC, Samosas, wedding cake and White Chocolate Tahoe Cookies) but Scot, my buddy, wanted me to tell him where to plant his food crops but I told him wait until next week lol!




Here is a video of today's Plantings. I also setup the Compost Tea Brewers in the Greenhouse where I will start a brew in the morning.

Youtube thinks that Cannabis plants should be age restricted but not Child Porn lol




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