Earthworms and Compost Extract


This past week I applied compost extract, using the compost from Ground Up Soil. I gently massaged a couple of cups of compost in a 400 micron bag for 5 minutes. I then applied as a soil drench into the future cannabis containers and sprayed on the bare soil as the cover crop seeds are now emerging, which is exciting considering its been well below average as far as spring temps go... highs in the upper 40s F wooo!


Clover Sprouts


Rye grass and peas

Anyways, I used a battery powered backpack sprayer from my 4sons to at the very least get these microbes out on the bare soil, sprouting plants and lawn. This has a diaphragm pump and the psi is 70 psi, which is perfect for the microbes.


I bought some earthworms for my buddy Scot's cannabis containers from Down to Earth Organics which has local earthworms for sale there. He applied them and I let him use my compost I stored away from last weeks shipment to cover them lightly for good measure after I soil drenched everything.


The compost from Ground up soils is tested using a microscope over at Earthfort, a company that tests soils. This compost has a lot of micro and macro aggregates created from microorganisms! It also smells like a forest floor!


I also ended up applying compost extract as a soil drench for my friend's fruit trees. As you can tell we added compost to the base of each tree last week, which helped push all the blossoms out and reducing pest pressure from ants. These fruit trees were planted back in October.


For fun and to prevent my buddy from breaking out the pesticides, salt fertilizers and etc I am treating the lawn via foliar spray with extracts to help prevent and chemical applications. We also applied compost last week to the patches with grass seed. Tall bush in the middle of the lawn also got the extract as a soil drench and foliar.


Next week the temperatures will be warmer so I will be making a Compost tea to apply as a foliar for everything!

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