EcoTrain Question of the week S6 #6: Most relevant people of our time

It's common for us in childhood to have a model, someone we look up to. One of the things that drew my attention to them was their popularity. At first, I had an interest in musicians, not until after I grew up and realized entrepreneurs were one of the strongest and most relevant people of our time. Their production not only affects the nation's GDP but also the masses(From the low to the top). In a country like Nigeria, entrepreneurs are highly esteemed, and after some research, I realize the world entirely carries them in high regard for their contribution to a country's wellbeing.

Mukash Ambani is an Indian entrepreneur who is relevant to his country through the production of goods and provision of services. David Chang is a cook who cooks great varieties of a meal, his services are highly recommended by his countrymen, I could only amazing the smile on people's face while eating from the delicious meal. Larry paga is also an entrepreneur who had contributed largely in his quarter as well as Ratan Tata. Someone may wonder why I consider entrepreneurs as the most relevant people of our time instead of the YouTubers, and vloggers. Most times humans try to satisfy their basic needs before going for higher needs(that's according to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy), and these basics need are provided by entrepreneurs.


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In Nigeria, people long to become a successful entrepreneur, they desire to become an agent of change whose voice can be heard. Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria, and he is an entrepreneur. He produces different products used by viciously everyone. Mark Zuckerberg is also an entrepreneur through the provision of his services, as well as other persons who had created something to help fill the space of needs and wants in exchange for money.

Their voices are heard either in their local community or nationwide. Every day, the socialist and capitalist rise to fame, and it's one of the reasons why entrepreneurship has been added to the curriculum in every high institution. Their worth is recognized.

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