EcoTrain Question Of The Week season 8:3// Actions needed to combat Climate change

According to study, about 30% to 50% of all species will go extinct in a few years from now, humans will suffer catastrophe, etc. If the level of fossil fuel being burnt and deforestation continue on this level or above this level. Directly or indirectly, our action or inaction affects climate change, sometimes we may not be aware of the consequences of something so trivial like throwing of waste to be a factor that affects our climate, or the use of certain automobile machines. The greenhouse effect caused by the gases from industries and deforestation all change the Earth's climate and could result in a higher temperature in some parts or a colder temperature. Climatic change is caused by the things we do, use, or eat, if we could take a different approach on them, we may save our mother earth from wearing out.

The question is : "what actions are needed to combat this climate change?". First, we need to know what causes this climate change. the smoke/gases from the cars we drive, the food we cook, heating and cooling our houses, rearing of animals which feed on green plants, throwing of waste foods, and the use of light bulbs (the bulbs with high energy). I think it's easy to combat Climate change now that we know a few things that cause the changes. Simple, just do the opposite of it in a more positive way.


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The first is to become more energy efficient. The use of LED lights and to switch off bulbs when not in use. Since bulbs emit energy which affects the climate, we could switch them off especially during the day when they are not much useful and encourage the use of LED lights which emit less energy.

Secondly, we could use cars less and if possible switch to electric cars. The advancement in technology has enabled us to communicate easily from a far distance. Meetings could be held in applications like Skype, zoom, etc. Thereby reducing the need to travel. We can as well use bicycle, or trek a few distances instead of using cars.

Thirdly, encourage eating fruits from plants and less meat. The higher we eat fruits from plants, the higher we'll cultivate plants. Rearing of animals only encourages deforestation and their activities as they walk about eating shrubs and grasses could make lands vulnerable to greenhouse effect. Everyone can't be a vegetarian, but we could cut down the level to which we eat meat and encourage the habit of eating more plants, thus, promoting afforestation.

Finally, reuse, recycle, reduce. Reuse what we have, recycle the waste, and reduce buying excess of what we need. If we can reduce the quantity of the food we buy, we will also reduce the amount of waste we will have. It's that simple.

We can help save mother earth from climate change by doing the opposite of what we have been doing. It's simple, embrace science, embrace the technological advancement that's targeted at reducing the amount of gases released which has an effect on the climate. We can join hands to save our climate.

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