EcoTrain Qotw S10.6: What Should We Be Eating To Be Healthy And Vibrant

It is surprising to know that eating habits work differently for individuals. Overtime, including fruits and a lot of vegetables in our daily meals has been helpful to maintain good health but still, some people suffer from discomfort eating the same fruits. While I was growing up, my grandma introduced me to a local meal known as zhepo It's made from corn flour and prepared with liquid extracted from ashes. She not only told me how good it is to the body, but I also experienced how well it works. The ashes mixed with it is believe to help clean the body system and it works like magic, there's this wellness one feels after drinking the zhepo. However, it's considered to be a local meal for one particular tribe, so, nobody cares to take from it.

Personally, I don't eat a lot of fruits despite its numerous benefits, I prefer to drink a lot of water, which works fine for me. To maintain a good and vibrant health, all that an individual needs is a balance. Balance in the quantity of sugar we take, balance in the food we eat that has high amount of calories, balance in the sum total of the kind of food we consume especially if we drink enough water to ensure proper circulation. To remain healthy and vibrant, we need to maintain balance in the type of food that we eat and that is the reason why medical doctors advise against eating too much of anything. Fruits, such as watermelon, apple, orange, blueberry, If Eating everyday will help an individual maintain a stable good health. Vegetables also are good when added to our food, they contain vitamins that nourishes the body and helps in quick replication of cells when Injured, good vision, boost brain performances, help the bone marrow in the production of blood, etc.


Photo by Trang Doan

Chocolates, milk, and their likes also help the body system function properly by providing them with necessary nutrients needed to fight foreign bodies by boosting the body's immune system. If we are to consider what to eat everyday to be healthy and vibrant, I'll recommend eating fruits, vegetables, milk, water, and chocolate. To remain healthy and vibrant will mean we are including the six classes of food in our daily meal in the right proportion. Not everyone can afford certain food, but eating certain plants could provide one with the necessary nutrients needed by the body. Certain combinations of food could help, like the salad fruits or salad itself where different vegetables are mixed.

The aged people in my tribe believed drinking the zhepo everyday will make one healthy and vibrant, it does, and at those times , they hardly suffer any health issues. Till date they still drink a lot of the zhepo and remain strong. As long as one maintains a balance and does not eat junk food and food containing calories always, he should live healthy and vibrant.

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